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Shock and Gore – how we'll be reviewing this comprehensive box set
Jerry Whyte | 10 November 2016
We're seriously late with one of Arrow's biggest releases of 2016, but are going ahead with it anyway, though not in our usual, single-review manner. Slarek outlines how we'll be covering this release and the reasons for its delay.

The London Film Festival 2016: a few films to look forward to
Jerry Whyte | 2 September 2016
In a series of emails that proved so interesting that they've been transformed into a blog post, Jerry Whyte reports from yesterday's launch event for the 60th London Film Festival, and highlights a few films worth catching.

Edinburgh International Film Festival – Blog #3
Jerry Whyte | 25 June 2016
In his latest blog from the Edinburgh International Festival Jerry Whyte casts an eye over three films that make the case for peace and justice, by various means and with markedly different degrees of success.

Edinburgh International Film Festival – Blog #2
Jerry Whyte | 20 June 2016
In his second report from the Edinburh International Film Festival, Jerry Whyte notes two debut features, both thrillers to die for: Euros Lyn’s The Library Suicides and Michael Lennox’s A Patch of Fog.

Edinburgh International Film Festival – Blog #1
Jerry Whyte | 20 June 2016
Jerry Whyte has spent the last few days beetling between Glasgow and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Here, he writes about Glasgow.

How we'll be reviewing the Dissent & Disruption box set
Slarek | 24 May 2016
At a difficult time for the main reviewers for the site we've taken on what may be our biggest review yet. Slarek looks at how we're going to cover Dissent & Disriuption: Alan Clarke at the BBC (1969-1989).

So what's (not) happening with the site redesign?
Slarek | 2 April 2016
Back in December we announced our intention to redesign the site to make it more mobile friendly and finally set up a Cine Outsider Facebook page. It still hasn't happened, and Slarek explains why.

Upcoming changes to Cine Outsider (we hope)
Slarek | 13 December 2015
It's been a long time coming, but we're soon to start work on a redesign of the site with the intention of making it adaptive to all devices, from desktops to mobiles. Slarek outlines the details.

Cine Outsider and the 59th London Film Festival
Slarek | 3 October 2015
With the 59th London Film Festival approaching, we're hoping to attend a few of the screenings and events that make this the country's most prestigious annual film event. Slarek sets the scene for our coverage.

Cine Outsider on pause for 3 weeks
Slarek | 11 March 2015
As site editor and reviewer Slarek hops off to Japan for his annual holiday, Cine Outsider will be on pause for the next three weeks, but hopefully he won't be completely out of touch

Rise of the machines
Slarek | 25 December 2014
While we work on new reviews and wait for the news season to restart, Slarek irritiably muses on why the science fiction dream of being able to converse with machines just isn't working out the way he had once hoped.

Reviewers vs. Blu-ray encryption
Slarek | 24 November 2014
It's been a while since the last one (he's not particularly talkative), but in his latest blog Slarek outlines why for the immediate future at least, our Blu-ray reviews will be bereft of screen grabs.

Twin Peaks is returning. Which is cool... I think
Slarek | 9 October 2014
The news that one of his all time favourite TV series is to return after a 25 year break, courtesy of its original creators Mark Frost and David Lynch, has Slarek cautiously excited.

Borowczyk and me
Slarek | 31 August 2014
As he begins work on a series of reviews of Arrow Academy's superb Walerian Borowczyk Blu-ray releases, Slarek reflects on how little he once knew about this celebrated filmmaker and looks forward to a week immersed in his work.

If you want to get high, go to Maiori
Slarek | 10 May 2014
In a blog delayed a tad by circumstance, Slarek wonders why he keeps going on holidays that end up placing him so far above the ground, and finds that it's sometimes nice to leave film alone for a while.

Outsider on pause, June 2014
Slarek | 13 June 2014
Our editor is off on his annual holiday and the site will be on pause until Sunday 22nd June. But we hope to keep tweeting. It all depends on the hotel's Wi-fi...

Can watching movies make you unwell?
Slarek | 10 May 2014
Is it possible that, just occasionally, our love of movies could have a detrimental effect on our health? Slarek recalls a couple of times when films had a negative impact on his own wellbeing, and that of others.

High 5
Slarek | 27 March 2014
A brief introduction to a new site column in which we list five examples, each personal favourites, from a criteria to be selected on a bi-weekly basis either by us or by you, and we asking you to throw in your own choices too.

Throwback Thursday
Slarek | 6 March 2014
Slarek introduces our new retro review slot Throwback Thursday, a semi-regular slot in which we will focus on older releases and polish off reviews that were never quite completed.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Slarek | 2 February 2014
On the day film fans everywhere were shocked by the news that one of modern cinema's most talented actors has died before his time, Slarek pays tribute to the great Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Tell people about our latest release... if you like
Slarek | 2 January 2014
Slarek welcomes in the new year by pondering on the increasingly wide gap between good and bad press releases and looking forward to getting back up to speed.

The thrill of anticipation
Slarek | 19 December 2013
Inspired by Camus's recent article on life-changing cinema, Slarek recalls a time when the process of a tracking down a film turned its viewing into a major event.

How to promote a film, but nicely
Slarek | 12 December 2013
Though he dislikes advertising in general, Slarek still was still given a child-like buzz of delight by one small delightful bit of promotion by Arrow for the re-release of Cinema Paradiso.

Spoiler alert!
Slarek | 4 December 2013
Slarek speculates on how tricky it can sometimes be to avoid film spoilers, and whether a love of film can interfere with your, erm, love of film.

Where were you when the MoC announcements came?
Slarek | 26 November 2013
Re-tweeting Eureka's Masters of Cinema release announcements should be a simple process, but as Slarek observes, it doesn't always work out that way.

A young person's game?
Slarek | 13 November 2013
Do the regular things that come with getting older get in the way of running a review site? Slarek ponders on how life, home, relationships and health get in the way of writing reviews, and even blogs.

You can rent it but you can't have it
Slarek | 18 June 2013
As Adobe stops selling software and forces you to rent instead, Slarek ponders a not-to-distant future where those who make films and games and software will refuse to let us actually own the products we buy.

Holidaying in The Village
Slarek | 13 June 2013
Slarek returns from a break in what may be the quietest corner of Portugal, contemplates life without Internet access and what it feels like to be trapped in a conspiracy thriller of his own invention.

How dare you sell our film for free
Slarek | 24 March 2013
After a honeymoon period of unmolested interviews, Slarek wonder why us helping to promote a film is sometimes inadvertently frowned on by the very people who okayed us to do it.

Am I too old for Twitter? Or just too unsociable?
Slarek | 20 February 2012
Slarek is shit at Twitter. And he's tried, he really has, but still doesn't really get it.

That time of year...
Slarek | 26 December 2012
Slarek reflects on why he passes on the Christmas experience and hates Christmas ads.

This film sucks! User reviews that really wind me up
Gort | 17 December 2012
Gort goes on a rant about the sort of user reviews on the likes of Amazon and IMDb that really piss him off.

If you can't say something nice...
Slarek | 15 October 2012
Why do we tend to have more positive than negative reviews on the site?

Heartbreak Hotel, the laptop version
Slarek | 15 September 2012
Our editor has been using the same hard-wearing laptop for the past five years and it died in his hands. He nearly lost everything but got lucky and learned a lesson about doing backups more often.

What could possibly go wrong? Adventures in interviewing #2
Slarek | 31 August 2012
Slarek and Tim meet up in London to interview Circumstance writer-director Maryam Keshavarz and turn the interview around for posting in a couple of days. What could possibly go wrong?

The strange appeal of the inspirational moment
Slarek | 13 August 2012
Slarek muses on the appeal those moments in film and TV drama when a character has an ephipany that changes the direction of their lives and the story.

A terrorist with a camera
Slarek | 23 July 2012
Ever been seen as a threat to national security? Slarek found out what it's like to inadvertently set of a security alert and get clobbered by the Metropolitan Police when on assignment to photograph the Olympic torch.

Site on pause
Slarek | 2 July 2012
Our editor is off on holiday for a week but hopes to keep information trickling with the aid of Twitter and an iPad.

Juggling commitments
Slarek | 30 June 2012
Reviews have been a bit slow in coming of late, and Slarek muses on the reasons why and how the real world impacts on reviewing and interviewing.

Secret diary of a part-time reviewer
Slarek | 3 May 2012
Slarek reflects on a typical week as editor and reviewer on Cine Outsider and how it impacts on what was once his spare time.

Why the Six Million Dollar Man (review) is moving a little slowly
Slarek | 16 April 2012
It's surprisingly easy for a review to miss the release date when the set in question contains 40 discs and a staggering collection of quality extra features.

Buy this, you fool! The horrible world of TV commercials #1
Slarek | 6 April 2012
The people who make TV commercials treat us like idiots and nowadays employ any celeb who is willing to prostitute themselves for a few extra bucks to sell their tawdry shit.

"You've got eight minutes" – adventures in interviewing
Slarek | 24 March 2012
Slarek muses on the problems and small delights that seem to be so much part of the process of conducting interviews, and recalls his and Tim's adventures at the 3rd annual Rendez-vous With French Cinema festival in London.

So why a blog?
Slarek | 21 March 2012
Our editor outlines why he's decided to start an irregular site blog.