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The 55th London Film Festival,
dispatch #12: Red carpet round-up
A brief word on the experience of conducting festival interviews by Slarek, with video interviews by Timothy E. RAW

The 55th London Film Festival finished over a week ago, but we've still got a couple of reports to file, glances back at festival highlights and recommendations for films to see when, or perhaps if, they get the general release they deserve. This was our time at the festival and chasing from screening to screening proved a time consuming, exhausting but very satisfying experience, and the sheer volume of films our two intrepid writers managed to see made it impossible to cover them all in the sort of detail we feel they deserve.

Living some distance from London and unable to procure the required time off from my day job, my role was largely a technical one, formatting and posting the articles as they came in and intermittently jumping on a train to London with a camera, mics and tripod on my back to act as cameraman on the interviews we managed to bag. I'm giving serious thought to growing a dromedary-like hump in which to carry some lights and stands, as a couple of the locations in which the interviews were conducted really tested my camera's low light capabilities. If it wasn't for my trusty battery-powered LED light, you'd have been lucky to see Dominik Moll at all in the dimly lit drawing room at Soho House. On the red carpet interviews below this same light sometimes had to do battle with those of other cameras, and the resulting shadows of festival staff who inadvertently found themselves in the line of fire. Red carpet interviews are tightly but very efficiently managed affairs, and due to the number of press representatives that attendees are expected to talk to, we were inevitably limited to two or three questions per interviewee, resulting in considerably shorter videos than the Outsider norm. The upside of this is that all three videos are available for viewing in a number of resolutions, including 720p HD.

The original plan was to post the interviews with reviews of the films whose premieres they accompanied, but we have decided to post them now while the memory of the festival is still reasonably fresh and provide a little red carpet glamour for a rainy weekend.

The Dardenne Brothers

Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne hold the enviable record of having five films in a row nominated for the Palme D'Or at Cannes and winning twice – for Rosetta (1999) and L'Enfant (2005) – picking up three other major Cannes awards on the way. The Dardennes were at the festival with their latest film, Le gamin au vélo / The Kid With a Bike, which stars site favourite Cécile De France and won the Grand Prize of the Jury at this years Cannes festival. It's UK release date has yet to be confirmed, but Artificial Eye have apparently picked up the distribution rights. Watch this space.




Martha Marcy May Marlene

We talk to director Sean Durkin and actors John Hawkes and Elizabeth Olsen at the UK festival premiere of their new film Martha Marcy May Marlene, which won the Directing Award for Drama at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The film is due to go on general release in the UK on 3rd February 2011 courtesy of 20th Century-Fox.




Romola Garai

We talk to actress Romola Garai at the UK festival premiere of her new film Junkhearts, which went on general release on 4th November courtesy of Soda Pictures.



The 55th London Film Festival
Dispatch #12: Red carpet round-up
The Kid With a Bike
Le gamin au vélo

Belgium / France / Italy 2011
87 mins
Luc Dardenne
Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Cécile De France
Thomas Doret
Jérémie Renier
Fabrizio Rongione
Egon Di Mateo
uk release date
early 2012

Martha Marcy May Marlene

USA 2011
120 mins
Sean Durkin
Elizabeth Olsen
Christopher Abbott
Brady Corbet
John Hawkes
Hugh Dancy
uk release date
3 February 2011


UK 2011
99 mins
Tinge Krishnan
Eddie Marsan
Tom Sturridge
Romola Garai
Candese Reid
Shaun Dooley
uk release date
4 November 2011

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