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Just One More Thing
Just One More Thing #4: A week in films and discs
blog | 15 Jan 2017
With just an hour to go before he risks breaking his pledge to post a blog every weekend, Slarek looks back at his first week chasing another set target, to watch at least one film every day.
Latest Blu-ray review
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
To Sir, With Love / Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
blu-ray review | 13 Jan 2017
Camus offers an appreciation of pioneering actor Sidney Poitier and reviews two of his key films from 1967, To Sir, With Love and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and their recent, feature-packed Blu-ray releases from Indicator.
Latest artcile
Slarek's Blu-ray and DVD picks of 2016
article | 13 Jan 2017
In a year when great disc releases were just raining down, Slarek picks 25 of his favourite UK Blu-ray and DVD releases of 2016 and reflects on the number of titles he didn't get around to seeing or recviewing.
14 Jan 2017
Arrow anounces its April Blu-ray and DVD cult movie line-up
Arrow has announced its slate of Blu-ray and DVD releases for April, and it's a feast for cult movie fans, with a couple of lesser-known giallo works, a haunting 60s horror work and a glorious-looking Blu-ray set.

12 Jan 2017
1947 Chinese classic The Spring River Flows East in DVD in February
Directed by Cai Chusheng and Zheng Junli, this two-part epic and tragic melodrama set in Shanghai and Chungking around the time of the Second Sino-Japanese War comes to UK DVD in a new restoration in February from the BFI.

10 Jan 2017
Tetsuya Mariko's Destruction Babies in selected UK cinemas in February
A quiet and delinquent teen wanders through the city, provoking fights with strangers, scuffles that turn into a sinister game in indie director Tetsuya Mariko's confrontation drama, in selected UK in February from Third Window.

10 Jan 2017
The Girl With All the Gifts on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in January
Based on the bestselling novel by M. R. Carey and being hailed as one of the best zombie movies in years, the first feature from director Colm McCarthy comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and Digital download this month from Warner.

10 Jan 2017
Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars in Cinemas for one night only
Documentary legend D.A. Pennebaker's riveting record of the London farewell concert by David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust persona, will be screened for one night only at a number of UK cinemas on 7 March. 

5 Jan 2017
Heaven Knows What on Blu-ray and DVD in January
The acclaimed latest feature from celebrated filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie, starring Arielle Holmes and Caleb Landry-Jones, comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD later this month from Axiom Films.

5 Jan 20167
Eisenstein in Guanajuato on Blu-ray and DVD in January
The mind of one of the greatest masters of cinema, Sergei Eisenstein, is explored by celebrated British filmmaker Peter Greenaway in  Eisenstein in Guanajuato, coming to Blu-ray and DVD this month from Axiom Films.

22 Dec 2016
Absolute Power – The Complete Series on DVD in January
All of the episodes of the TV re-working of Mark Tavener's acclaimed Radio 4 comedy series set in the cynical world of public relations and starring Stephen Fry and John Bird comes to UK DVD in January from Network.

22 Dec 2016
Charlie Chaplin: The Essanay Comedies on Blu-ray & DVD in January
All 16 of the films Charlie Chaplin made for the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company, including seminal works such as The Tramp, The Bank and The Champion, have been restored for Blu-ray and DVD release in January by the BFI.

22 Dec 2016
Korean zombie horror Train to Busan on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD in February
One of the best zombie themed movies of recent years, former Korean animator Yeon Sang-ho's acclaimed action thriller comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and VOD in February from StudioCanal UK.

21 Dec 2016
Vintage drama series Probation Officer – Volume 1 on DVD in January
John Paul and Honor Blackman star in the absorbing, rigorously researched drama series Probation Officer, volume one of which arrives on UK DVD as a 3-disc set in January from Network.

21 Dec 2016
War on Everyone on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in January
Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña are two of the worst cops in the business in The Guard and Calvary director John Michael McDonagh's gleefully offensive buddy comedy, on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in January from Icon.

20 Dec 2016
Multiple Maniacs and Lone Wolf and Cub on Criterion Blu-ray in March
The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced two more UK Blu-ray releases for March 2017, John Waters' second feature Multiple Maniacs, and cult samurai set, Lone Wolf and Cub.

20 Dec 2016
I Am Not a Serial Killer on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital HD in February
One of the hits of this year's London Film Festival, Isolation and The Hybrid director Billy O'Brien's fascinating thriller comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in February from Bulldog Film Distribution.

20 Dec 2016
Soundbreaking – The Complete Series on DVD in January
Featuring more than 150 original interviews with some of the most celebrated artists, producers and music-industry pioneers of all time, all 8 episodes of Soundbreaking are coming to UK DVD in January as a 2-disc set from Network.

19 Dec 2016
Memories of Underdevelopment restored on Blu-ray in February
Hailed as one of the most sophisticated films to come out Cuba, visionary director Tomás Gutiérrez Alea’s celebrated Memories of Underdevelopment makes its Blu-ray debut in a new restoration in January from Mr. Bongo.

9 Jan
Slarek's film and TV picks of 2016
Just over a week into 2017, Slarek looks back at what was a seriously crappy year for just about everything except film and picks 21 film and TV titles that he really enjoyed over the past 12 months.

5 Jan
Fright Night
Either two weeks late or four months early, we've decided to post our review of the Blu-ray from Eureka's terrific dual format release of one of Tom Holland's superb 80s vampire movie, even though you'll probably have trouble getting your hands on a copy for a little while yet.

Film Review
29 Dec
After a break of a few years, former site reviewer and science fiction fan Lord Summerisle returns with a spoiler-riddled look at Morten Tyldum's Passengers, a film he had higher hopes for than it was ultimately able to deliver.

15 Dec
The Guyver
Based on a popular manga and anime series and directed by makeup effects masters Screaming Mad George and Steve Wang, the 1991 The Guyver is a film that will likely divide even exploitation fans. Gort watches Arrow's Blu-ray release and slaps his forehead.

Film Review
15 Dec
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
With Godzilla, director Gareth Edwards proved his sure touch with a blockbuster franchise. With Star Wars the reason he became a filmmaker in the first place, he’s now in hog heaven helming its first spin off. Camus joins the rebels in Rogue One

15 Dec
The Man from Laramie
James Stewart is superb in his final collaboration with director Anthony Mann, which is also one of the great American westerns of the 1950s, and it looks terrific on the recently released Blu-ray from Eureka's Masters of Cinema label. Slarek salutes a personal favourite.

8 Dec
Happy Birthday to Me
"Six of the most bizarre deaths you'll ever see" lied the posters for J Lee Thompson's Happy Birthday to Me. Gort revisits an 80s slasher that he once shrugged off but really responded to this time around, especially looking as good as it does on Indicator's new Blu-ray.

8 Dec
Cohen & Tate
Known in the business more for his screenplays for The Hitcher and Near Dark, Eric Red got his directing break at the age of 26 on a modern noir, a violent, tense kidnap tale named after its two hit men. Camus takes on Arrow’s Cohen and Tate

6 Dec
Lords of Dogtown
The story of the group of young Venice Beach surfers and skaters who transformed skateboarding from a passtime into an international phenomenon is dramatised in Catherine Hardwicke's lively skater movie. Wannabe skater Slarek enjoys the film and Eureka's impressive new Blu-ray.

4 Dec
Christopher Lee took on the part of a giant in the history of India’s independence. Vociferous critics were appalled that a man famous for sucking blood should play such a role. This all sounds familiar. Camus reviews the Blu-ray from Eureka’s dual format release of Jinnah

30 Nov
10 Rillington Place
As a new TV mini-series adaptation begins on BBC, Indicator have released a dual format edition of Richard Fleischer's chilling and quietly brilliant 1971 film detailing the case of British serial killer John Christie and the injustice that befell his neighbour Timothy Evans. Slarek revisits a personal favourite on a superb disc.

21 Nov
The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast, Disc 2: Two Thousand Maniacs! & Moonshine Mountain
Wiliam Petersen plays a reckless Secret Service agent chasing the forger who murdered his partner in William Friedkin's dark 1985 crime thriller, whose centrepiece car chase is one of the best. Slarek revisits the film and finally falls for it, and loves Arrow's richly featured Blu-ray.

21 Nov
To Live and Die in L.A
Wiliam Petersen plays a reckless Secret Service agent chasing the forger who murdered his partner in William Friedkin's dark 1985 crime thriller, whose centrepiece car chase is one of the best. Slarek revisits the film and finally falls for it, and loves Arrow's richly featured Blu-ray.

Film Review
19 Nov
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The Harry Potter Cinematic Universe expands to take in New York in the 1920s in a rather more cinematic take of a little book that did no end of good for BBC’s Comic Relief in 2001. Camus appreciates the work and stops off in Manhattan for a spell…

17 Nov
The Herschel Gordon Lewis Feast 1: Blood Feast & Scum of the Earth
In the first of his reviews from Arrow's mammoth Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast box set, Gort celebrates his breakthrough gore fest Blood Feast and his surprisingly effective 'roughie' from the same year, Scum of the Earth.

14 Nov
52 Pick-Up
Roy Scheider stars as a businessman who falls victim to a gang of blackmailers in John Frankenheimer's intriguing 1986 Elmore Leonard adaptation. Slarek finds good things in a film he's not completely sure of on the Blu-ray in Arrow's recent dual format release.

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