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The 56th London Film Festival: Dispatch #7: Interview with Rodney Ascher & Tim Kirk
Room 237, a documentary exploring numerous theories and hidden meanings behind Stanley Kubrick's horror classic The Shining is on selected release this weekend from Metrodome. Timothy E. RAW sits down with the film's director and producer.

From the BFI festival programme:

In 1980, Stanley Kubrick released The Shining. A horror film adapted from a best-selling Stephen King novel, it divided audiences and critics at the time, though it has latterly been celebrated as one of the director's masterpieces and remains a chilling standard for the genre. In over 30 years since its release, the cult following the film has garnered includes a number who insist that Kubrick was trying to do something other than just make a scary movie, that he implanted ideas about history and the world we live in throughout the film, littering it with codes to decipher. Rodney Ascher assembles footage from the film, astutely used clips from the director's work and other archive material, while allowing five authoritative voices to speculate what Kubrick was trying to tell the world when he made The Shining. The theories are appealingly bizarre at times, and while the ideas are often delivered with conviction, there's plenty of humour evident here. Room 237 is smart and inventive filmmaking that celebrates cinema with wit and originality.

Michael Hayden

* All clips featured in this video courtesy of Metrodome Film Distribution


My thanks to Chris Lawrance at Metrodome for arranging the interview.


Room 237 opened in selected cinemas October 26th. To coincide with the release of the full US cut of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, the film will also play a series of "one night only" shows at several locations. The full screening list can be found HERE.

Room 237

USA 2012
102 mins
Rodney Ascher
Tim Kirk
Ben Richardson
Rodney Ascher
William Hutson
Jonathan Snipes
Bill Blakemore
Geoffrey Cocks
Juli Kearns
John Fell Ryan
Jay Weidner
Buffy Visick
LFF screening date
11 Ocrtober 2012
13 Ocrtober 2012
15 October 2012
article posted
28 October 2012

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