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Interview with writer / director Kieran Evans
Timothy E. RAW talks to writer / director Kieran Evans at the 56th London Film Festival about his first dramatic feature KELLY + VICTOR.

Sexually searing and psychologically provocative, with Kelly + Victor, first time feature director Kieran Evans' has made the BDSM film Fifty Shades of Grey could only ever hope to be. A daring adaptation of Niall Griffiths' acclaimed, risqué novel, Evans' assured handling of sexually explicit material uses kink to explore the fear and sadness of two characters who are crazy in love and going crazy because of it. The seedy visual style (strongly reminiscent of Lynne Ramsay's Morvern Callar) is spare and unflinching, perfectly complimenting the couple's unsettling slip into a dark moral decline. Powerfully portrayed by Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Julian Morris, both actors give their all and hold nothing back in vanity free performances.

We spoke to Kieran at last year's London Film Festival about the significant departures his adaptation makes from the novel and his personal response to these two characters.

The interview has been optimised to be watched full screen at 1080p, which can be adjusted in the control panel when the video is played.


You can watch the trailer for KELLY + VICTOR below:


Kelly + Victor

Ireland / UK 2013
95 mins
directed by
Kieran Evans
produced by
Janine Marmot
written by
Kieran Evans
based on the novel by
Niall Griffiths
Piers McGrail
Tony Kearns
production design
Anthea Nelson
Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Julian Morris
William Ruane
Stephen Walters
Claire Keelan
Michael Ryan
Shaun Mason
Verve Pictures
release date
20 September 2013
review posted
20 September 2013