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Street of Crocodiles
Quay Brothers: The Collected Animated Films on Blu-ray in October
news | 23 Sep 2016
The brilliant short films by master surrealist animators the Quay Brothers get a welcome Blu-ray upgrade from the BFI in October as Inner Sanctums – Quay Brothers: The Collected Animated Films 1979-2013.
Latest film review
De Palma
De Palma
film review | 22 Sep 2016
A director whose work has always divided opinion but has built an enthusiastic cult followings is the subject of Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow's structurally basic but hugely engaging documentary portrait. Slarek takes a seat and enjoys the stories.
Latest Blu-ray review
blu-ray review | 18 Sep 2016
A gang of bikers known as The Living Dead get to live up to their name when they learn the secret to resurrected immortality in Don Sharp's hugely enjoyable biker/horror crossover from 1973. Slarek rides pillion and reviews the Blu-ray from the new BFI Flipside dual format.
23 Sep 2016
Noir thriller Odds Against Tomorrow on dual format in October
Ed Begley, Harry Belafonte and Robert Ryan star in Odds Against Tomorrow, a 1959 noir suspense story directed by Robert Wise, which comes to UK dual format in October as part of the BFI's Blackstar project.

19 Sep 2016
British road movie Hector comes to UK DVD in October
Peter Mullan shines as a homeless man embarking on his annual journey from Scotland to a London shelter for a Christmas dinner in Jake Gavin's uplifting drama, on UK DVD in October from Cadiz Music.

13 Sep 2016
Assault on Precinct 13 Limited Edition Blu-ray box set in November
A brilliant urban western and one of our very favourite films from the great John Carpenter, the 1976 Assault on Precinct 13 lands a 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Blu-ray box set release in November from Second Sight.

13 Sep 2016
Body horror Bite makes its UK DVD debut in October
A gut-wrenching gore fest about one woman's sickening transformation from writer-director Chad Archibald, the 2015 body horror Bite makes its UK DVD debut in October from Second Sight.

12 Sep 2016
Pablo Larraín's Neruda comes to UK cinemas in December
The latest film from site favourite Pablo Larraín – the story of celebrated poet, diplomat and politician Pablo Neruda – plays in competition at this year's London Film Festival and comes to UK cinemas in December from Network.

12 Sep 2016
Home invasion western The Keeping Room on DVD & Digital in October
Three women come under siege at a farmhouse from two vengeful soldiers in this unorthodox western from Harry Brown director Daniel Barber, which comes to UK Digital Download and DVD in October from Lionsgate.

12 Sep 2016
The World at War in correct aspect ratio on Blu-ray & DVD in October
Correcting one of the most infuriating home video wrongs of recent years, Network are to release the landmark TV series The World at War in a new restoration on Blu-ray and DVD in its original 1.33:1 aspect ratio.

9 Sep 2016
Arrow Video announces its UK December Blu-ray and DVD titles
Arrow has announced its Uk Blu-ray and DVD release slate, and as ever its a corker, including the definitive edition of Donnie Darko and a most welcome and long-awaited remaster of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Pulse.

9 Sep 2016
Donnie Darko 4k restoration on Limited Edition Blu-ray & DVD in December
Richard Kelly's extraordinary debut feature became one of the great cult movies of recent years, and comes to UK dual format with a new restoration and resplendent with special features in December from Arrow.

8 Sep 2016
Rock 'n' roll gangster fable Blue Money on Blu-ray & DVD in September
Tim Curry stars as a loveable aspiring actor/singer who finds himself tangling with gangsters in a lively TV movie that co-stars Billy Connolly, which comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD this month from Network.

6 Sep 2016
The Conjuring 2 on Blu-ray, DVD and Limited Edition Steelbook in October
James Wan's acclaimed follow-up to his own highly regarded horror hit The Conjuring transposes the action to England and comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD, Limited Edition Steelbook and Digital HD in October from Warner Bros.

6 Sep 2016
Carve Her Name with Pride & The Long Dark Hall on DVD in September
Network have announced the latest two titles in 'The British Film' collection, the 1958 war drama Carve Her Name with Pride and the 1951 thriller The Long Dark Hall, both on UK DVD next week.

5 Sep 2016
Tales of Halloween on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD in October
An anthology feature consisting of 10 interlinking tales of terror from 10 horror directors, all centred around a single town on Halloween night, coming to UK Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray in October from Arrow Films.

2 Sep 2016
The London Film Festival 2016: a few films to look forward to
In a series of emails that proved so interesting that they've been transformed into a blog post, Jerry Whyte reports from yesterday's launch event for the 60th London Film Festival, and highlights a few films worth catching.

30 Aug 2016
Punch-Drunk Love & Akira Kurosawa's Dreams on Blu-ray in November
The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have confirmed their UK November Blu-ray release titles, a pair of fine but lesser seen works from Paul Thomas Anderson and Akira Kurosawa.

30 Aug 2016
50s musical milestone Carmen Jones on Blu-ray in September
Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte star in Otto Preminger's groundbreaking musical, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut in September from the BFI as part of their blockbuster Black Star project.

12 Sep
The Blue Dahlia / The Glass Key
Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake both enjoyed great success in a series of films that exploited their natural outsider DNA, starring in both The Blue Dahlia and The Glass Key. Camus cruises the noir streets and reviews both Blu-ray releases from Arrow Academy.

12 Sep
Fear of nuclear annihilation peaks during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis – what better time to open a gimmick-laden, atomic themed monster movie? Joe Dante's pean to the joys of cinemagoing and late 50s genre B-movies looks terrific on Arrow's superb new Blu-ray. Slarek goes Mant!

7 Sep
A Scene at the Sea
A film built around surfing in which surfing plays a background role and the two lead characters never say a word is the basis for one of Kitano Takeshi's most gently mesmerising films, and it looks and sounds terrific on Third Window's new and most welcome Blu-ray.

29 Aug
The Flight of the Phoenix
The Flight of the Phoenix is the very definition of a rousing, intelligent Hollywood adventure yarn with terrific characters played by a host of Tinseltown’s finest. Camus brushes the sand off, braves the fierce desert sun and reviews the upcoming Eureka Blu-ray.

29 Aug
The Shop on the High Street
In a Slovak town during the Second World War, a disgruntled carpenter is made Aryan Master of a Jewish shop and starts to bond with its elderly owner in Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos's superb 1965 drama, which looks terrific on Second Run's fine Blu-ray.

23 Aug
Hangmen Also Die
In the middle of World War II, the assassination of a German official made life very difficult for occupied Czech citizens. Fritz Lang’s Hangmen Also Die tells this story with skill and suspense galore. Camus rues the facts and celebrates the fiction…

22 Aug
The Bloodstained Butterfly
A giallo devoid of setpiece murders and focussed on story and character instead? Director Duccio Tessari's smart and compelling 1971 melding of murder mystery, courtroom drama and police procedural is just that. Gort immerses himself in Arrow's fine new Blu-ray.

17 Aug
Sweet Bean
Kiki Kirin is superb as an elderly woman whose upbeat attitude and culinary skills start to transform the life of a lonely dorayaki seller in Kawase Naomi's deeply moving drama, released on dual format on Monday by Eureka as part of the Masters of Cinema series.

12 Aug
The Count Yorga Collection
Robert Quarry shines in two films that marked a transition period that saw the vampire movie move into the modern age, both of which have been brought together in Arrow's excellent Blu-ray set. Slarek covers his neck and sharpens his stake.

8 Aug
Female Prisoner Scorpion: The Complete Collection
Kaji Meiko shines as feminist antihero Scorpion in a quadrilogy of films from the early 70s that strikingly meld exploitation and high art, brought together with new transfer and extra features in a superb box set from Arrow Video.

7 Aug
Suicide Squad
Comic giant DC was thrust into a war with Marvel after the latter’s stock took flight with Iron Man and now soars in the box office stratosphere. After the widely panned Batman vs. Superman, DC is pinning its hopes on its bad guys. Camus goes punk.

23 July
Roald Dahl’s charming tale of a dream weaving giant makes it to the big screen courtesy of a director who was probably born to make it, Steven Spielberg in full 1982 E.T. mode. Camus cautiously ventures into Giant Country and samples a jar of dreams…

28 July
Buster Keaton – The Complete Short Films 1917-1923
32 films – 32 great films – charting Buster Keaton's journey from supporting player to comedy giant have been brought together and restored for Eureka's brilliant Blu-ray box set. Slarek has spent the last week with the widest of appreciative smiles on his face.

23 July
Star Trek Beyond
The 2009 Star Trek reboot rushes on to its second sequel after two films that, while entertaining, didn’t boldly go where no one had gone before which is kind of the point. We are assured this one does. Camus goes Beyond

DVD review
20 July
Joshua Oppenheimer: Early Works
Documentary meets avant-garde to thrilling effect in this collection of 12 early films by The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence director Joshua Oppenheimer, recently released on UK DVD by Second Run. Slarek revels in the joys of political experimental cinema.

14 July
The 1984 Ghostbusters has acquired a classic status and there are a lot of people out there in webland who think misogyny is an Irish girl who lives in a lamp. Camus, like director Paul Feig, is stunned that we are even having this conversation. Funny is funny. Right?

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