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The Lion in Winter
The Lion in Winter new restoration on Blu-ray, DVD and EST in October
news | 24 July 2016
Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn star in Anthony Harvey's 1968 multi Oscar-winning historical drama, The Lion in Winter, which comes to UK Blu-ray, DVD and EST in October in a new restoration from Studiocanal.
Film review
Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek Beyond
film review | 23 July 2016
The 2009 Star Trek reboot rushes on to its second sequel after two films that, while entertaining, didn’t boldly go where no one had gone before which is kind of the point. We are assured this one does. Camus goes Beyond
Latest DVD review
Joshua Oppenheimer: Early Works
Joshua Oppenheimer: Early Works
dvd review | 20 July 2016
Documentary meets avant-garde to thrilling effect in this collection of 12 early films by The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence director Joshua Oppenheimer, recently released on UK DVD by Second Run. Slarek revels in the joys of political experimental cinema.
22 Jul 2016
Andrew Grieve's On the Black Hill on dual format in August
Bob Peck and Gemma Jones star in this adaptation of the celebrated novel by Bruce Chatwin, released on Blu-ray for the first time on in August in a Dual Format Edition as part of the BFI’s Britain on Film: Rural Life project.
22 Jul 2016
Hideo Nakata's Dark Water on dual format in October
After separating from her husband, a woman and her child are haunted by the spirit of a young girl in Hideo Nakata's superb follow-up to his breakthrough film Ringu, which lands a dual format release in October from Arrow.
22 Jul 2016
Cult 80s comedy-horror movie Vamp on Blu-ray & DVD in October
Chris Makepeace, Robert Rusler and iconic singer Grace Jones star in Richard Wenk's cult comedy-horror from 1986, which comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD in October from Arrow Video.
22 Jul 2016
Two massive Herschell Gordon Lewis box sets on dual format in October
Arrow have announced the October release of two extraordinary, Limited Edition Blu-ray and DVD box sets containing 14 films from the Godfather of Gore, each loaded to the gills with special features.
21 Jul 2016
Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker on Blu-ray and DVD in August
Continuing their releases of the films of Russian master Andrei Tarkovsky, Curzon Artificial Eye have announced that his riveting 1979 science fiction mystery Stalker is coming to UK Blu-ray and DVD in August.
21 Jul 2016
Arrow to release Andrzej Żuławski's Cosmos in UK cinemas in August
The final film from visionary director Andrzej Żuławski, whose legendary Possession is something of a Cine Outsider favourite, lands a a UK cinema release next month from Arrow Films.
19 Jul 2016
Terence Davies' A Quiet Passion comes to UK cinemas in November
Cynthia Nixon shines as iconic American poet Emily Dickinson in the latest film from The Long Day Closes and Distant Voices, Still Lives, which comes to UK cinemas in November from Metrodome.
18 Jul 2016
Billy Wilder's penultimate film Fedora on dual format in September
Re-uniting the director with his long-time collaborator I.A.L. Diamond, Billy Wilder's late career companion piece to his classic Sunset Boulevard comes to UK dual format in September from Masters of Cinema.
16 Jul 2016
Giallo favourite The Bloodstained Butterfly on Blu-ray & DVD in August
Melding the lurid giallo traditions popularised by Dario Argento and Mario Bava with courtroom drama, director Duccio Tessari's 1971 giallo favourite lands a UK dual format release from a 4K restoration in August from Arrow.
16 Jul 2016
Science fiction thriller Identicals on DVD & VOD in August
An organisation that offers life upgrades by tracking down your wealthier double and eliminating them is the basis for writer-director Simon Pummell's new film, coming to UK DVD & VOD in August from Arrow and Hot Property.
14 Jul 2016
Suicide bomber documentary Dugma: The Button on iTunes in August
Director Paul Refsdal's revealing and controversial documentary following four al Qaida suicide bombers waiting to “push the button” comes to iTunes in August from Medieoperatørene and Journeyman Pictures.
13 Jul 2016
Arrow Video announces its October Blu-ray and DVD releases
Yesterday Arrow announced its October home Blu-ray and DVD release slate, and as ever it's an absolute belter, a delicious blend of cult classics, forgotten gems and revered greats.
12 Jul 2016
Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris comes to Blu-ray and DVD in August
Mesmerising and influential, Andrei Tarkovsky's rightly revered 1972 science fiction masterwork comes to UK DVD and Blue-ray in August from Curzon Artificial Eye.
7 Jul 2016
Ken Loach's feature debut Poor Cow on Blu-ray and DVD in July
Following its recent return to UK cinemas, the newly restored version of Ken Loach's debut feature, the 1967 social realist drama Poor Cow, comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD this month from Studiocanal.
7 Jul 2016
The Man Who Fell to Earth new 4K restoration in September/October
Nicholas Roeg's extraordinary, adult science fiction drama, featuring a captivating performance from David Bowie, returns to cinemas in a new 4K restoration in September, with Blu-ray, DVD and VOD to follow.
6 Jul 2016
Helen Walsh's debut feature The Violators comes to UK DVD in July
Rising stars Lauren McQueen and Brogan Ellis shine in the acclaimed debut feature from novelist turned writer-director Helen Walsh, which somes to UK DVD later this month from Bulldog Film Distribution.
14 July
The 1984 Ghostbusters has acquired a classic status and there are a lot of people out there in webland who think misogyny is an Irish girl who lives in a lamp. Camus, like director Paul Feig, is stunned that we are even having this conversation. Funny is funny. Right?
DVD review
10 July
The Booth at the End – Season 1&2
Xander Berkeley stars as a man able to grant wishes in exchange for set tasks in one of the most inventive and compelling (non-) TV series of recent years. Slarek mourns the fact that it only ran for two shorts seasons and reviews its long-awaited DVD release from Simply Media.
7 July
Independence Day: Resurgence
In 1996, Independence Day made a star of Will Smith, a ton of money and a gung-ho mockery of the epic alien invasion genre. Using practical special effects, it seduced us with its grand scale. Camus catches the all-digital FX sequel.
5 Jul
That Cold Day in the Park
Sandy Dennis stars as a well-to-do spinster who takes pity on a young man caught in the rain in the park outside her apartment in That Cold Day in the Park, a psychological drama from Robert Altman. Slarek finds himself slowly seduced by Eureka's recently reduced dual format release.
30 Jun
Cocoon was one of the very few science fiction movies of the 80s that managed to pass Camus by. Now is a perfect opportunity to catch up with this well loved tale of elderly rejuvenation and benevolent aliens as Eureka releases its new Blu-ray.
23 Jun
Try to imagine Cube set in a warehouse and stripped of its plot twists, mysteries, characters and dialogue and you might just have micro-budget Irish thriller Captive. A perhaps too-cynical Gort groans his way through Left Films' recently released UK DVD.
19 Jun
Enemy Mine
Dennis Quaid plays a bigoted pilot marooned on a planet with an enemy alien in a fondly remembered slice of 80s mainstream sf cinema. Gort revisits Enemy Mine and discovers that nostalgia can only carry you so far, but it looks great on Eureka's new Blu-ray.
13 Jun
Edvard Munch
Peter Watkins' compelling film study of the life and struggles of the brilliant Norwegian painter whose work helped give birth to the Expressionist movement gets a Blu-ray upgrade from Eureka as part of the Masters of Cinema series.
7 Jun
The Nice Guys
There’s something about writer/director Shane Black’s worldview and humour that appeals. In the neighbourhood of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (a damn fine neighbourhood) comes The Nice Guys. Camus dons a gas mask and braves the smog of L.A.
1 Jun
Dissent & Disruption: Alan Clarke at the BBC (1969-1989)
In our longest and most detailed review ever, we celebrate the work of the late, great Alan Clarke, magnificently showcased and resplendent with special features in the BFI's utterly superb Blu-ray box set.
22 May
Penda's Fen
Jerry Whyte leaps for joy at the arrival of the BFI’s impatiently awaited release of Alan Clarke and David Rudkin’s deeply radical, richly textured masterpiece Penda’s Fen, one of the towering achievements of British television from two of its maverick geniuses.
20 May
The Firm: Director's Cut / Elephant
Ahead of its hugely anticipated Dissent & Disruption: The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC, the BFI are releasing The Firm as a stand-alone disc, which includes a new Director's Cut and the superb Elephant. Slarek basks in a brilliant Blu-ray.
18 May
The Last Command
Emil Jannings is superb as a once mighty military leader in Imperial Russia reduced to angling for bit parts in Hollywood movies in this fascinating 1928 silent feature from Josef von Sternberg, released on UK dual format this week by Masters of Cinema.
14 May
Mysterious Object at Noon
In a review delayed by an ongoing family crisis, Slarek finds himself strangely entraced by Apichatpong Weerasethakul's dreamlike first feature, restored from an imperfect original and graced with some worthwhile extras on the second Blu-ray from Second Run.
4 May
Marvel less
Buoyed by the wave of positive press generated by Marvel’s latest tent-pole pic, Captain America: Civil War, Camus leaves the cinema wondering what every one else is getting that he’s not. Just what is the ‘Comic Book Movie’ doing to cinema?
2 May
A solid but sometimes by the numbers entry into the still ongoing urban ghost story cycle, the directorial debut from actor Zack Ward launches on US VOD tomorrow. Stateside reviewer Tim Obrist is not too surprised by what unfolds.
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