Pasolini Six Films 1968-1975 on Blu-ray in November
news | 8 Oct 2015
On the 40th anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini's brutal murder, the BFI are to release a Blu-ray box set containing Theorem, Medea, The Decameron, The Canterbury Tales, Arabian Nights and Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom.
Der Nachtmahr
lff film review | 8 Oct 2015
When a heavily partying and anxiety-ridden teenage girl begins seeing a strange creature, her friends and family take this as a sign of mental instability. Slarek reviews the intriguing the debut feature from visual artist AKIZ, which had its first LFF screening today.
lff film review | 6 Oct 2015
A group of ordinary Argentineans head off to a forest retreat to undertake survival training for an impending apocalypse in director Lukas Valenta Rinner's narratively stripped-down slice of metaphoric social commentary. Slarek is oddly captivated.
8 Oct 2015
Edgar Allan Poe’s Black Cats: Two Adaptations on dual format in October
Two gothic and gory Italian giallo adaptations of one of Edgar Allan Poe's most celebrated stories have been brought together in a lovingly crafted dual format box set for an October release in time for Halloween by Arrow.
7 Oct 2015
Pedro Costa's Horse Money screening at Picturehouse cinemas next Tuesday
The good people at Second Run are distributing their first cinema feature in the shape of Pedro Costa's Horse Money, which will be screening at a number of Picturehouse Cinemas across the UK next Tuesday.
7 Oct 2015
Nanni Moretti's Mia Madre on Blu-rayand DVD in December
Margherita Buy and John Turturro star in the most recent work from acclaimed Italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti (who also acts in the film), which comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD in December from Curzon Artificial Eye.
6 Oct 2015
The Goonies 30th Anniversary & Collector's Editions on Blu-ray in November
One of the few family films that has built itself a serious cult following over the years, The 1985 The Goonies returns in two seperate 30th Anniversary Blu-ray sets from Warner.
5 Oct 2015
Miloš Forman's The Firemen's Ball on dual format in October
The final Czech film of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus director Miloš Forman makes its UK Blu-ray premiere next week from Arrow Video as part of their Arrow Academy label.
3 Oct 2015
Cine Outsider and the 59th London Film Festival
In our first blog absolutely bloody ages, we outline what coverage we will be providing of this year's London Film Festival (which begins next Wednesday) and how it will affect out usual sporadic output. UPDATED.
1 Oct 2015
Portrait of Clare & Royal Ballet's Romeo and Juliet on DVD in October
The next two titles in Network's still ongoing 'The British Film' collection have been announced as the 1950 drama A Portrait of Clare and the 1966 film record of the Royal Ballet's production of Romeo and Juliet.
1 Oct 2015
Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box 4-disc Blu-ray set from Arrow in October
Get your credit cards ready horror fans, Arrow have confirmed the full details for their 4-disc Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box Blu-ray set for late October release, and the extra features are beyond our wildest dreams...
1 Oct 2015
90s Swedish detective series Beck: Vol 1 on UK DVD in November
Currently screening on BBC Four, the classic Swedish detective series Beck, starring Peter Haber and Mikael Persbrandt, comes to UK DVD in November from Arrow Films as part of their Nordic Noir and Beyond strand.
30 Sep 2015
Screen Talks & LFF Connects events at the 2015 London Film Festival
The BFI have confirmed the full programme of Screen Talks and LFF Connects events available to the general public for this year's London Film Festival, which for those counting the days is only a week away.
30 Sep 2015
Test Cricket documentary Death of a Gentleman on DVD & digital in October
The subject of considerable critical acclaim since its UK premiere at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, this investigation into why Test Cricket is being allowed to slowly decline comes to UK DVD and digital platforms in October from Spectrum.
30 Sep 2015
Four Classic Laurel & Hardy films in UK cinemas in October/November
Fans of the finest comedy duo in film history can rejoice, as four of Stan and Ollie's most treasured films – Way Out West, Towed in a Hole, The Music Box and Block-Heads – are back in cinemas as HD remasters this Autumn.
29 Sep 2015
1992: The Complete Season on DVD in October
If you want to see the acclaimed Italian political thriller series 1992 and don't want to throw money at the likes of Rupert Murdoch, then good news, as it's coming to UK DVD in October from the good people at Arrow Films.
29 Sep 2015
Abel Ferrara's Pasolini comes to Blu-ray and DVD in October
Willem Dafoe stars as legendary director Pier Paolo Pasolini in maverick filmmaker Abel Ferrara's film portrait of his fateful final day, which comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD in October from the BFI.
29 Sep 2015
Elaine May's 70s comedy A New Leaf on dual format in December
Actor Elaine May made her directorial debut (and co-stars with Walter Matthau) with the delightful but criminally unseen 1971 screwball comedy A New Leaf, which comes to UK dual format in December from Masters of Cinema.
28 Sep 2015
Old Bill and Son & Aldwych Farces: Volume 3 on DVD in October
The next two titles in Network's ongoing 'The British Film' collection have been announced, wartime comedy Old Bill and Son and a two-film third volume of The Aldwych Farces, both on UK DVD in October.
4 Oct 2015
Very Big Shot
In the first of our reviews of films screening at this year's London Film Festival, Slarek enjoys Lebanese director Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya's dual-genre debut feature, a tale of small-time drug peddlers whom circumstance transform into budding filmmakers.
4 Oct 2015
The Martian
The novel The Martian, a self-published phenomenon, took a relatively short time to turn into a big budget movie. The story is a celebration of science and given its absolute predictability, it still packs a wallop. Camus does the math…
28 Sep 2015
Mountains and their conquests have movie DNA coursing right through them. From the loose carabiner to a frayed rope, no nails are left unchewed. Baltasar Komákur’s Everest is a prime example and a surprisingly moving one too.
27 Sep 2015
A Snake of June
One of maverick director Tsukamoto Shinya's most confrontational films is also one of his most striking and thematically complex. Previously released in the UK on bare-bones DVD, Third Window's Blu-ray delivers the goods. Slarek takes a walk in the Tokyo rainfall.
24 Sep 2015
Sober or not, Zardoz is going to raise your eyebrows. John Boorman’s science-fiction tale is an extraordinary example of 70s freedom. He’d just made the hit Deliverance, and Hollywood wanted another Boorman film… Oh, really?
22 Sep 2015
Eaten Alive
Neville Brand plays one of the best human monsters of the 1970s in Tobe Hooper's oddball, surreal but strangely seductive psycho-horror wrapped in Fairy Tale aesthetics. Gort takes a trip to the Starlight Hotel, which has never looked better than on Arrow's new Blu-ray.
20 Sep 2015
Vivre sa vie
The BFI’s Blu-ray re-release of Jean-Luc Godard’s imperishable classic Vivre sa vie prompts Jerry Whyte to revisit the film, wonder what drew him to Godard, and nervously tiptoe through his vast body of magnificent work.
19 Sep 2015
Two city homicide detectives are transferred to a small town in Spain's southern marshlands to investigate the disappearance of two girls in Alberto Rodríguez's riveting police thriller, recently released on UK DVD by Altitude. Genre fan Slarek watches the detectives.
17 Sep 2015
Man Without a Van
There is a very special place in the hearts of Blade Runner fans for the contribution of the wonderfully talented Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou. His original score has never been released as heard in 1982... Camus salutes a CD replicant...
16 Sep 2015
Dragon's Return
The return of a man to a remote mountain village has the locals in a panic – but who is he and why does his presence inspire such fear? Preconceptions are turned on their head in Eduard Grečner's gorgeously executed 1968 drama, recently released on Second Run DVD.
10 Sep 2015
The only feature directed by Joe Giannone is one of the classier slasher movies from the early 1980s, and it's been given the royal treatment on Arrow's recently released Blu-ray. Perennially cynical genre devotee Gort takes a walk in the woods with Madman Marz.
1 Sep 2015
Medium Cool
The directorial debut feature of master cinematographer Haskell Wexler is one of the greatest films of 1960s American cinema. Slarek revisits a favourite film in the shape of the brilliant 1969 Medium Cool, looking better than ever on the new Masters of Cinema Blu-ray.
31 Aug 2015
Scream and Scream Again: a tribute to Wes Craven
Today came the sad news that the world had lost one of its smartest and most imaginative horror practitioners. Slarek takes a trip down memory lane to explore the impact the cinema of Wes Craven had on his youth and beyond.
28 Aug 2015
The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Precious few based-of-fact, horror-tinged thrillers are as soberly handled and faithful to their source as Charles B. Pierce's 1976 The Town That Dreaded Sundown. Despite some misfired comedy it's compelling stuff, and looks very good indeed on Eureka's Blu-ray.
27 Aug 2015
Reading movies is fun. It can also lurch into astounding silliness. Few modern films have been pored over as much as The Shining and with two specific reference tomes in one hand, Camus knocks on the door of Room 237 with the other.
20 Aug 2015
Nightmare City
When is a zombie movie not a zombie movie? When it's Umberto Lenzi's energetic, violent and distinctly Italian tale of murderous, radiation-infected humans on the rampage. Gort runs with the contaminated and salutes Arrow's decision to include two prints on their Blu-ray release.
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