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My Neighbour Totoro
My Neighbour Totoro 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray in November
news | 18 October 2018
One of Hayao Miyazaki's most beloved films, one whose title character became the logo for Japanese animation giants Studio Ghibli, is to be released as a 30th-Anniversary Blu-ray box set, complete with a sprinling of collectable goodies, in November from Studiocanal.
Latest Film review
First Man
First Man
film review | 21 October 2018
Set in a time period covering the first eight years of his own life, Camus takes in First Man after a disastrous review from a trusted source. Damien Chazelle’s film is a fascinating take on an extraordinary man but... there is an elephant in the room and it won’t stop shaking...
High 5
19 Oct 2018
Tightening swirls and eye drops
In a promised companion piece to his recent review of Arrow Video's Blu-ray release of Terry Gilliam's extraordinary 12 Monkeys, Camus talks to the film's talented editor, Mick Audsley, about his positive memories of working on this ambitious production.

14 Oct 2018
John Landis doesn't have much good to say about his low-budget comedy-horror debut feature, Schlock, but despite a fair amount of uneven silliness, its best moments are genuinely funny and occasionally inspired. Slarek revisits the film for the first time in years on Arrow's new Blu-ray, and finds his groans are evenly balanced by giggles.

14 Oct 2018
12 Monkeys
Director Terry Gilliam had just redeemed himself by bringing in The Fisher King on budget. Despite bad blood with Universal over Brazil, the studio granted him final cut for one of his more intriguing projects. Camus goes back in time to review Arrow’s new 12 Monkeys Blu-ray.

News story
12 Oct 2018
George Cukor's Born Yesterday on Arrow Academy Blu-ray in January
Judy Holliday gives an Oscar-winning performance in George Cukor's 1950 romantic comedy-drama Born Yesterday, which co-stars Broderick Crawford and William Holden and will be released on a Special Edition Blu-ray in January as part of the Arrow Academy label.

Film review
11 Oct 2018
Arthouse meets grindhouse in the mind-bending second feature from director Panos Cosmatos, in which a top-of-form Nicolas Cage seeks violent vengeance against the members of a Manson-like religious cult. Slarek becomes completely immersed in the trippiest genre film of the year, which hits UK cinemas tomorrow.

News story
11 Oct 2018
Joan Crawford, William Castle and more from Indicator in December
More Blu-ray goodies from Indicator have been announced for a December release in the shape of a William Castle at Columbia, Volume Two, the 1967 Joan Crawford horror tale, Berserk and standard edition versions of Night of the Demon and Charley Varrick.

8 Oct 2018
Monkey Shines
George Romero's post-Day of the Dead output is too often sidelined when compared to his groundbreaking early genre work, but his 1988 Monkey Shines is a smart, well-acted and tense horror-thriller that has just been released on a well-featured dual format package by Eureka.

News story
5 Oct 2018
The BFI to release The Blood of Hussain on dual format in October
Pakistan’s leading filmmaker Jamil Dehlavi’s acclaimed 1980 film The Blood of Hussian is to be released as a dual format edition later this month by the BFI, complete with Dehlavi’s 1975 film Towers of Silence and more besides.

News story
4 Oct 2018
Harry Dean Stanton's final film Lucky on Blu-ray & DVD in November
Harry Dean Stanton is utterly captivating in his final role as a cantankerous, self-reliant 90-year-old atheist in actor John Carroll Lynch's beguiling directorial debut, which comes to UK Blu-ray and DVD from Eureka in November, complete with the documentary, Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction.

News story
4 Oct 2018
Yanks & Khartoum on dual format from Eureka in December
Eureka has announced two new Dual Format titles for December on the Eureka Classic label, John Schlesinger’s romantic WW2 tale from 1976, Yanks, and the rousing 1966 historical adventure spectacle, Khartoum starring Charlton Heston and Laurence Olivier.

News story
3 Oct 2018
Psychological thriller Nancy on DVD & Digital in November
Following its premiere at BFI London Film Festival on 13 October, the feature debut from Christina Choe, which features a career-defining performance from Andrea Riseborough as the titular anti-hero, comes to UK DVD and digital download in November from Studiocanal.
Recent reviews
2 Oct 2018
The Mind of Mr. Soames
Terence Stamp is exceptional as a 30-year-old man who has been woken from the coma he has been in since birth in the fascinating and unexpectedly low-key drama from 1970, The Mind of Mr. Soames. Slarek puts himself in the shoes of a newborn man on Indicator's recent Blu-ray release.

1 Oct 2018
Richard Burton made some concessions to play the part of Father Goddard in Absolution. He waited a long time while deals were made and even took a salary cut. It’s certainly a part he excels in. Camus confesses enthusiasm for Indicator’s Blu-ray out last week.

Film review
27 Sep 2018
It started with an email from a friend. Her daughter had a small part in a short film. It’s won awards internationally and is now on the UK festival tour and as it's showing soon at the Norwich Film Festival, Camus strongly urges you to seek it out…

22 Sep 2018
Winona Ryder and Christian Slater shine in the auspicious debut feature from writer Daniel Waters and director Michael Lehmann, a superb, blackly comic satire on teen high school movies that has aged wonderfully. Slarek revisits an 80s favourite on Arrow's terrific recent Blu-ray.

22 Sep 2018
The Collector
The Collector is a two-hander produced and directed by Hollywood royalty, William Wyler. Terence Stamp and Samantha Eggar star in a film with an uncomfortable narrative that is startlingly relevant today. Camus takes the Indicator Blu-ray into the cellar…

15 Sep 2018
James Woods gives a career-best performance as Richard Boyle, a down-on-his luck journalist who goes looking for a story in politically unstable El Salvador in Oliver Stone's blistering third feature. Slarek revisits a personal favourite on Eureka's terrific Masters of Cinema dual format release.

12 Sep 2018
Witness for the Prosecution
Charles Laughton is sublime as a legendary barrister who defies medical advice to take on the case of a man wrongly accused of murder in Billy Wilder's richly entertaining adaptation of Agatha Christie's twisty courtroom drama. Slarek bangs the gavel for Eureka's excellent Blu-ray.