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Older news stories have been archived by year and month, most recent first. They can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

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News Stories 2007
Howard the Duck in February
Alan Alda double in January
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl in January
Nucleus go Naughty in January
Shutter 2-disc Special Edition in January
Rocco and his Brothers 3-disc set in February
Second Mizoguchi double from Masters of Cinema in February
Daratt in January
Havana Blues in January
Someone Else in January
Witchblade in February
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip in January
Highlander: The Source in January
SiCKO in January
Walker in February
Pierot le fou in February
The Last Emperor 4-disc special edition in February
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Ultimate Edition in December
Kenny in January
The Gigolos in February
Der letzte Mann in January
Frau im Mond in January
Acción Mutante and 800 Bullets in December
Slacker in December
Mikio Naruse Collection in November
This Sporting Life in January
Miss Julie in January
The Naked Prey from Criterion in January
Tales From Earthsea 2 disc Special Edition in January
Bleach series 1, part 1 in November
The Phantom Carriage: KTL Edition in February
Bone Dry in December
DiG! 2-disc Special Edition in February
The Seventh Seal DVD and Blu-ray update
The Aki Kaurismäki Collection, Vol. 3 in October
Not Here To Be Loved in October
Two Lane Blacktop from Criterion in December
Ingmar Bergman: Four Masterworks from Criterion in December
SherryBaby in December
Samurai 7 Box Set in November
Peep Show Series 4 in November
Green Wing Collector's Edition in October
Shameless Series 4 and Box Set in October
That Mitchell and Webb Look in October
Karas: The Revelation in October
Peter Whitehead and the Sixties in October
After Life in November
Klimt in November
Exodus in November
Tabu: A Story of the South Seas in November
John McCormack, Icon of an Age in November
Poltergeist 25th Anniversary Edition in October
Return to House on Haunted Hill in October
Princess from Tartan in January
Edmond from Tartan in January
Afro Samurai in October
Funhouse and Deadly Blessing for Halloween from Arrow
Hammer Horror for Halloween from Showbox
New Warner TV Channel launches in October
3 classic noir films from the BFI in October
Cold Prey in October
Tlc in October
Aki Kaurismäki Collection Volume 2 in October
Aki Kaurismäki Collection Volume 1 in September
Alternative 3 in October
Nosferatu remastered from Masters of Cinema in November
Sanshô Dayû and Gion Bayashi in November
Ricky Hatton - A Life Story in November
Tartan grindhouse favourites in October/November
Drunken Angel from Criterion in November
Sawdust and Tinsel from Criterion in November
The Lady Vanishes from Criterion in November
Berlin Alexanderplatz from Criterion in November
Water 2-Disc Special Edition in October
The Open Road in September
Apartment 1303 in September
City of Violence 2-disc Collector's Edition in October
Pasolini's Theorem in September
Young Hero of Shaolin II in September
In Search of the Great Beast 666 in September
Hurt in September
Captivity in October
Election 2 and Exiled in October
Shameless Screen Entertainment launches in October
We Know Where You Live Remix in September
René Laloux double from Masters of Cinema in October
Grindhouse Trailer Classics in September
Edvard Munch from Masters of Cinema in October
Days of Heaven from Criterion in October
Breathless 2-disc Special Edition from Criterion in October
Mala Noche from Criterion in October
Under the Volcano 2-disc Special Edition from Criterion in October
Shake Hands With the Devil Special Edition in September
Puritan in September
Bristol Boys in September
The Living Dead Girl in August
Dracula's Daughter in August
Sex Machine in August
Days of Glory in September
Ghost in the Shell: SAC Solid State Society in August
Female Prisoner #701: Beast Stable in October
The Great Bookie Robbery in August
Sam Fuller Trio in September
Away From Her in September
Tartan Go High Definition in August
The Duel Project from Tartan in September
The Bow from Tartan in August
Taxidermia from Tartan in August
The Seventh Seal 50th Anniversary Remastered Edition in August
Häxan from Tartan in September
Fast Food Nation from Tartan in August
Breaking News from Tartan in September
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 2-disc Collector's Edition in August
Sex and the Silver Screen in October
Distant Voices, Still Lives in July
Silence from Masters of Cinema in September
Bellissima from Masters of Cinema in September
Bigger Than Life in July
French comedy classics from Optimum in September
My Best Friend in September
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession in September
Homicide Series 2 (er, 3) in July
Typhoon in August
Robinson Crusoe on Mars from Criterion in September
Night on Earth from Criterion in September
Stranger Than Paradise from Criterion in September
Taxi Driver Collector's Edition in August
Inland Empire in August
This is England in September
Three Jacques Becker Classics in August
The Minus Man in July
Riding the Bullet in August
House of Games from Criterion in August
The Milky Way from Criterion in August
The Fallen in July
Rancid in July
Karla in July
Harold Lloyd, The Definitive Collection in July
Unknown in August
Amicus Classics, Part 1 in June
Tunes of Glory in July
Pin in July
The Dreamlife of Angels in June
Duelist 2-disc Collector's Edition in July
Jan Svankmajer, The Complete Short Films in June
Science is Fiction in June
Les Enfants terribles in July
Tokyo Decadence in June
Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman in May
Them (Ils) in July
Going to Pieces on UK DVD in June
9th Company arrives on DVD in June
Artificial Eye offer to exchange 'Gabrielle' DVDs
Three Films by Hiroshi Teshigahara in July
Ace in the Hole in July
Ivan's Childhood in July
Borderline in May
My Date With Drew in May
Chris Marker double in June
Sweet Movie in June
If.... from Criterion in June
WR: Mysteries of the Organism in June
The Two of Us in June
Dead or Alive: Final in May
Headspace in April
Dead Man's Cards in April
Perth from Tartan in April
Re-Animator double-disc collector's edition in April
638 Ways to Kill Castro in March
Sex and Zen in April
Fitzcarraldo 25th Anniversary Edition in May
Pink Narcissus in March
Requiem for a Dream double bill in April
Horror Classics Part 1 from Optimum in April
Midnight Movies in April
The Third Man Special Edition Criterion in May
Shashô Dayû (Shansho the Baliff) from Criterion in May
Army in the Shadows from Criterion in May
Vengeance is Mine from Criterion in May
Peeping Tom Special Edition in March
Nic Roeg double in April
Valmont in April
Wim Wenders Collection in March
Brute Force from Criterion in April
Alejandro Jodorowsky Collection in May
Bigas Luna box set in March
Pasolini Vol. 2 box set in April
Ghosts from Tartan in April
Kissed from Tartan in March
Satan from Tartan in March
Jean-Luc Godard 60s Collection in March
Pan's Labyrinth in March
Super Mario Brothers in March
Clawed - The Legend of Sasquatch in March
Noein Vol. 1 in February
Dersu Uzala on UK DVD in February
The Host arrives in the UK in March
Criterion do La Haine in April
Overlord in April
Thee Films in January
Last Hurrah for Chivalry in February
London Voodoo in February
Performance for region 2 in March
Echo Park L.A. in February
Masters of Horror Series 1, Vol. 2 in February
Until the End of the World in February
Death Ship in March
Early Hitchcock in February
The John Sayles Collection in February
The Naked City from Criterion in March
49th Parallel from Criterion in February
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs from Criterion in February
My Wife is a Gangster in February