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Older news stories have been archived by year and month, most recent first. They can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

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News Stories 2020
Richard Fleischer's The Don is Dead on Eureka Blu-ray in January
Kagemusha, Lost in America & Defending Your Life from Criterion in March
Tony Richardson's final feature Blue Sky on BFI Blu-ray in January
Bloodhounds, werewolves, noir and invisible men from Arrow in March
Marlene Dietrich at Universal 1940-1942 on BFI Blu-ray in January
Jennifer Kent's The Nightingale on Limited Edition Blu-ray in February
Social horror Relic on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in January
Richard Franklin's Link on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in February
Howard Hawks, Sam Raimi and David Mamet from Indicator in March
Richard Franklin's Link on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in February
Howard Hawks, Sam Raimi and David Mamet from Indicator in March
The Masque of the Red Death extended cut on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in January
Demons, El Duce, the return of Re-Animator & more from Arrow in February
A bumper collection of horror and martial arts from Eureka in the new year
The Ascent, Charade & The Grand Budapest Hotel from Criterion in February
Howl's Moving Castle 15th Anniversary Collector's Box Set in December
6-film Columbia Noir #2 Blu-ray box set from Indicator in February
Liliana Cavani's The Night Porter on Blu-ray & Digital in November
Denis Villeneuve's 2009 Polytechnique on Blu-ray and Digital in December
Hollywood classics, cult titles and more on BFI Blu-ray/DVD in the new year
Horror collection Short Sharp Shocks on BFI Flipside Blu-ray in November
Melville's Le Cercle Rouge on UHD Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in November
La Haine restored on Digital and Limited Edition Blu-ray in November
Three new UK Blu-ray titles from The Criterion Collection in January
[Rec], Park Chan-wook, Southland Tales and Gamera from Arrow in January
Paul Schrader, Walter Hill and Charles Bronson from Indicator in January
Paul Leni’s expressionist masterpiece Waxworks on Blu-ray in November
Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records on DVD and Blu-ray in November
Nanni Moretti double restored on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in November
Play for Today, Volume 1 on 4-Disc BFI Blu-ray in October
Steve McQueen and Mangrove cast photographed by Misan Harriman to celebate launching LFF 2020
The Painted Bird, Lon Chaney Jr & Sam Fuller on Eureka Blu-ray in November/December
Fyzal Boulifa's Lynn + Lucy on BFI Blu-ray in October
Robert Englund's directorial debut 976-EVIL on Blu-ray in October
The BFI London Film Festival 2020 full programme details
Yakuza action horror and subterranean graboids from Arrow in December
Suspense-horror The Strangers on Limited Edition Blu-ray in September
Malick, Bresson and Greaves on UK Criterion Blu-ray in December
Tsukamoto Shinya's Gemini [Soseiji] comes to UK Blu-ray in November
Three films by Imamura Shohei on Arrow Academy Blu-ray in December
John Parker's 50s horror noir Dementia on Dual Format & Digital in October
A diverse collection of UK Blu-ray premieres from Indicator in December
Yield to the Night restored on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in October
4K restoration of Circus of Horrors on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in October
Tony Richardson's Mademoiselle comes to BFI Dual Format in September
Honda Ishirō's monster movie favourite Mothra on Blu-ray in November
Noir classic This Gun for Hire on Eureka Classics Blu-ray in September
Vittorio De Sica's After the Fox on BFI Blu-ray in September
A superb November lineup of Blu-ray, DVD & 4K UHD titles from Arrow
The Irishman, Girlfriends and Five Easy Pieces from Criterion in November
Frank Capra's Pocketful of Miracles on BFI Blu-ray in September
Ishii Katsuhito's The Taste of Tea makes its Blu-ray debut in October
Bernardo Bertolucci's The Shelterinxg Sky from Arrow Academy in November
A six-film Columbia Noir Blu-ray box set from Indicator in November
Alien invasions, indie horror and true crime on Arrow Blu-ray in October
The documentary Donald Trump tried to block lands a worldwide release
Four Blu-ray Blu-ray and DVD titles for October release by the BFI
David Lynch, Mike Leigh & Robert Epstein in UK Criterion Blu-ray in October
Sidney Lumet's film of Peter Shaffer’s Equus on Blu-ray in August
5-film Christopher Lee Fu Manchu Blu-ray box set from Indicator in October
La Haine back on the big screen in a new 4K restoration in September
Tanaka Seiji's debut feature Melancholic on dual format in September
Three world premiere Blu-ray titles from Anti-Worlds in September
The Guinea Pig on Dual Format in July, on iTunes & Amazon Prime in August
Crime thriller The Good Die Young on Blu-ray & DVD from the BFI in July
Original TV adaptation of The Woman in Black on Blu-ray in August
Méliès, Fukasaku, 4K Tornatore and more from Arrow in September
Antonioni's debut Story of a Love Affair on Blu-ray and Digital in July
Safety Last, Show Boat and Beau Travail on Criterion Blu-ray in September
Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection from Sony in August
Eve, Sweet Charity and I, Monster on Indicator Blu-ray in August
The BFI announces its July to September Blu-ray & DVD release slate
3-film Takeshi Kitano Collection on Blu-ray in June, Digital in July
Keaton, Wilder and a silent horror classic from Eureka in August
Nicolas Roeg's solo directorial debut Walkabout on Blu-ray in July
Blu-ray cult treats and the first UHD release from Arrow in July/August
Jessica Hausner’s Little Joe on Dual Format and streaming in June
Marriage Story, The Lady Eve & Taste of Cherry from Criterion in August
The Game, Toto the Hero & Bicycle Thieves from Arrow Academy in Summer
Ozu's masterpiece Tokyo Story on BFI Blu-ray in June
Flash Gordon on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital & UHD Collector's Edition in August
Bela Lugosi Poe trio and horror-comedy Mr. Vampire on Blu-ray in July
Amicus horror, wartime action and social satire from Indicator in June
Ozu's The Flavour of Green Tea Over Rice on Dual Format & Digital in May
50s British comedy Laughter in Paradise on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in June
Funeral Parade of Roses on 2-disc Blu-ray and Digital in May
Pet Shop Boys in It Couldn’t Happen Here on Dual Format in June
Mark Cousins' Women Make Film on Blu-ray and BFI Player in May
Action, chills, torture and zombies on Blu-ray from Arrow in July
Pink Films Vol. 3 & 4 on Blu-ray & DVD in May
John Waters, Buster Keaton & Hideo Gosha on Criterion Blu-ray in July
Infinite Football & Krabi 2562 on Digital from Anti-worlds in May
Hiroshima & Life is a Long Quiet River on Arrow Academy Blu-ray in July
Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer on UK Blu-ray & DVD (at last!) in May
Siodmak, Wilder and Scorsese on Masters of Cinema Blu-ray in June
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence on Blu-ray from Arrow in June
Arrow Video Channel now free to access for 30 days
The Best of COI: Five Decades of Public Information Films on Blu-ray in April
Cassavetes, Arzner and Scorsese on Criterion UK Blu-ray in June
After Midnight on Blu-ray in June, Arrow Video Channel & Digital now
The Battle of the Sexes on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital from the BFI in April
Nigel Kneale’s The Year of the Sex Olympics on BFI DVD in April
Tsukamoto Shinya trilogy on Blu-ray from Third Window in April
America As Seen by a Frenchman & The Mad Fox on Blu-ray in June
Feminist-themed thriller Revenge on Limited Edition Blu-ray in May
Children’s Film Foundation Bumper Box Vol 2 on 3-disc DVD in March
Pink Films Vol. 1 & 2 newly restored on Third Window Blu-ray in March
Four American cinema gems from the 60s, 70s & 80s from Indicator in May
A collection of six horror and thriller titles coming to Arrow Blu-ray in May
Early Federico Fellini double on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in April
Sergio Leone, Johnny To, Sergio Corbucci and Fritz Lang from Eureka in May
Gamera: The Complete Collection on Limited Edition Blu-ray in July
Max Ophüls, Satyajit Ray & Destry Rides Again on Criterion Blu-ray in May
John Schlesinger's Sunday Bloody Sunday on Blu-ray in March
John Huston's Beat the Devil on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital in March
70s British crime thriller Villain restored on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in March
The Man with X-Ray Eyes on Limited Edition Blu-ray in April
The BFI announces its April to June Blu-ray and DVD releases
Cyrano de Bergerac on 30th Anniversary BFI Blu-ray in February
John Ford box set and The Strange One on Indicator Blu-ray in April
A cult slasher, Russian splatterpunk and a horror debut from Arrow in April
Classic titles from America, Hong Kong and Japan from Eureka in April
Profumo affair drama Scandal on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital in February
Alec Guinness in Last Holiday on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in March
The Peanut Butter Falcon on Digital in February, Blu-ray & DVD in March
The Elephant Man restored in cinemas in March, on disc and digital in April
Richard Attenborough's Magic makes its UK Blu-ray debut in March
Mikail Kalatozov, Nicholas Ray & Barbra Streisand from  Criterion UK in April
Judgment at Nuremberg on 2-disc Blu-ray from the BFI in January
Fellini's 8½ and Fellini: Four Films box set on Blu-ray in February
Krzysztof Kieślowski and Éric Rohmer sets from Arrow Academy in April
The Legend of the Stardust Brothers on Blu-ray/DVD in February
Hammer Volume Five and The Mad Magician on Indicator Blu-ray in March
Alejandro Landes' award-winning Monos on Blu-ray & DVD in February