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Four Blu-ray Blu-ray and DVD titles confirmed for October release by the BFI

29 July 2020

The BFI has announced its October Blu-ray and DVD releases, which we've been informed are still in production and thus the full details of each have not been confirmed as yet. We'll expand on each nearer the release dates. The titles are below with an overview of the titles themselves and what we know about the content.

Play for Today Volume 1 Blu-ray cover art

PLAY FOR TODAY: VOLUME 1 | 4-disc Blu-ray box set | 12 October 2020

50 years on from its first transmission, the BBC’s Play for Today anthology series remains one of British television’s most influential and celebrated achievements. Between 1970 and 1984, plays which combined some of the era’s finest writing, acting and directing talents were broadcast direct to living rooms, regularly challenging viewers and pushing the boundaries of TV drama.

Featuring plays by the likes of Ingmar Bergman, Julia Jones and Colin Welland and featuring a roster of eminent British actors, Play for Today: Volume 1 brings together seven iconic dramas on Blu-ray for the very first time, in a collection that exemplifies the breadth and brilliance of this groundbreaking series.

The set includes five plays which have been restored from the original negatives held in the BBC archive.

The plays:

  • The Lie (Written by Ingmar Bergman | Dir. Alan Bridges, 1970)
  • Shakespeare or Bust (Written by Peter Terson | Dir. Brian Parker, 1973)
  • Back of Beyond (Written by Julia Jones | Dir. Desmond Davis, 1974) 
  • Passage to England (Written by Leon Griffiths | Dir. John Mackenzie, 1975)
  • Our Flesh and Blood (Written by Mike Stott | Dir. Pedr James, 1977) 
  • A Photograph (Written by John Bowen | Dir. John Glenister, 1977)
  • Your Man from Six Counties (Written by Colin Welland | Dir. Barry Davis, 1976)

Special features to be confirmed.

Dementia Dual Format cover art

DEMENTIA (USA 1955) | Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) | 19 October 2020

A woman’s nightmare of murder, maiming and mistrust proves to be more than a mere dream, in John Parker’s influential horror.

Stripped of dialogue – using only sound effects and an unnerving score – Parker combines horror, film noir and expressionist methods to depict a mind descending into madness. Shocking audiences upon its original release, the film was initially banned by the New York State Film Board, who deemed it ‘inhuman, indecent, and the quintessence of gruesomeness’.

Featuring music by George Antheil (Ballet Mécanique) and foreshadowing the techniques of future psychological horrors, Dementia is coming to Blu-ray for the very first time.

Confirmed special features:

  • Daughter of Horror (1957): Dementia was picked up by producer Jack H Harris and re-released as Daughter of Horror in January 1957. Whilst also featuring music without dialogue, Harris made a number of edits and added narration by actor Ed McMahon
  • Newly recorded audio commentary by film critic and editor-in-chief of Diabolique magazine, Kat Ellinger
  • Other extras TBC
  • ***FIRST PRESSING ONLY*** Fully illustrated booklet with new essays on Dementia and Daughter of Horror and full film credits

Lynn + Lucy Blu-ray cover art

LYNN + LUCY (UK 2019) | Blu-ray | 19 October 2020

Lynn and Lucy are life-long best friends, their relationship as intense as any romance. Neither has ventured far from where they grew up. Lynn, who married her first boyfriend and whose daughter is fast growing up, is delighted when the charismatic, volatile Lucy has her first baby, a boy. Lucy, however, does not react to motherhood as Lynn expects. Soon, they find their friendship tested in the most extreme circumstances.

A study of escalating hysteria at a societal level, Lynn + Lucy stars Roxanne Scrimshaw in her first ever screen appearance, alongside Nichola Burley (Love and Hate, Wuthering Heights), and this highly anticipated feature by Cannes award-winning filmmaker Fyzal Boulifa.

Special features to be confirmed.

Tales From the Hood I & II Blu-ray cover art

TALES FROM THE HOOD 1 & II (1995 / 2018) | 2-Disc Blu-ray | 19 October 2020

Horror meets the hood in Rusty Cundieff’s politically-charged horror-comedy anthology series.

Stories of abuse, corruption and racism towards the African-American community are given the horror film treatment, as an eccentric funeral director attempts to deter a gang of drug dealers from a life of crime.

Executive-produced by Spike Lee, this cult horror favourite is presented alongside its 2018 sequel, which reunites the original creative team for more tales of terror.

Special features to be confirmed.