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Older news stories have been archived by year and month, most recent first. They can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

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News Stories 2008
Gomorrah on DVD and Blu-ray in February
The Last Metro on DVD and Blu-ray from Criterion in March
Il Generale della Rovere from Criterion in March
Dodes'ka-den from Criterion in March
Watch Me When I Kill in January
The Rage in March
Operation Valkyrie - The Stauffenberg Plot to Kill Hitler in January
My Name is Bruce in March
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media in January
A Bloody Aria in February
Who Killed Teddy Bear? in January
Room at the Top Special Edition in January
This Happy Breed Special Edition in January
The Stranger in January
Bela Lugosi double in January
Escape from Sobibor in January
Bad Biology in February
Super High Me in January
Edith Piaf concert and documentary double pack in February
Babylon on Blu-ray in January
The Devil and Daniel Webster from Masters of Cinema in February
Kokoro from Masters of Cinema in February
Alone Across the Pacific from Masters of Cinema in February
Monkey Magic in February
Baby in January
Tooth & Nail in January
The Chaser in February
The Fan in January
The Sadist in January
Speak Easily in January
Times & Winds in December
The Banishment in December
The Legend of the Surami Fortress in December
Shogun's Samurai in December
Sukiyaki Western Django in February
Mum & Dad in December
Battle of Wits (Muk gong) in December
Tunnel Rats in January
Oasis of Fear in November
Hobson's Choice from Criterion in February
Faces 2-disc edition from Criterion in February
Shadows from Criterion in February
Exterminating Angel 2-disc special edition from Criterion in February
Simon of the Desert from Criterion in February
Ashik Kerib in November
Summer Hours in November
X-Cross in January
Kamikaze Girls in January
Man of a Thousand Faces in January
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in January
Last Days of Mussolini in January
Memories of Matsuko in January
Joe in January
The Handmaid's Tale in January
Somers Town in January
Jim Jarmusch Box Set Volume 2 in January
Eden Lake on DVD and Blu-ray in January
White Crane Chronicles in December
Brotherhood of Blood from Metrodome in November
Seed from Metrodome in November
One Way from Metrodome in November
Lotte Reiniger: The Fairy Tale Films in December
El Norte Blu-ray and 2-disc DVD from Criterion in January
Magnificent Obsession 2-disc Special Edition from Criterion in January
The Taking of Power by Louis XIV from Criterion in January
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time on UK DVD in December
Junior Bonner in October
Hell in the Pacific in October
Gray Lady Down in October
Tokyo Sonata UK cinema release in January
I Served the King of England in November
Driftwood in January
Triangle [Tie saam gok] in October
Blood and Oil in November
War Made Easy in November
Season of the Witch in October
Creepshow 3 in October
Too Tough To Die – A Tribute To Johnny Ramone in November
Last House on the Left 3-Disc Ultimate Edition in October
Metrodome go Postal in October
Charley Varrick in October
Tokyo Zombie in October
Bruce Weber: The Film Collection 1987–2008 in November
That Mitchell and Webb Look, Series 2 in October
Sci-Fi London Anime Oktoberfest
Orphée from the BFI in October
The Night of the Hunted in October
The Designated Victim 'fan edition' in October
Strip Nude for Your Killer in October
Chocolate on DVD and Blu-ray in November
Red Desert on DVD and Blu-ray from the BFI in October
My Brother's Wedding from the BFI in October
Killer of Sheep from the BFI in October
White Dog from Criterion in December
Europa from Criterion in December
Artificial Eye going Blu-ray in October?
Gun in October
L'Argent 2-disc Special Edition from Masters of Cinema in November
P2 available now from Palisades Tartan
Charlie Bubbles in September
Heroes in September
Starfish Hotel in October
Festen 10th Anniversary Edition in October
Alambrista! in September
Short Eyes in September
Davis and Lisa in September
The Guard Post in October
Days of Darkness in October
Criterion Blu-ray releases for November
Chungking Express on DVD and Blu-ray from Criterion in November
Bottle Rocket Blu-ray and 2-disc DVD Special Edition in November
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold 2-disc Special Edition in November
Fanfan la Tulipe from Criterion in November
The Animals Film in September
Four releases from Britfilms.TV in October
Caligula: The Imperial Edition in September
A Time to Love and a Time to Die in November
The Black Shield of Falworth in November
Souls at Sea in November
Nothing But a Man in September
A Secret in October
Who Saw Her Die? in August
Timber Falls in October
Tin Man in September
Eraserhead and The Short Films of David Lynch in October
La Belle et la bête in August
Babylon in October
Mad Detective on DVD and blu-ray from masters of Cinema in October
The Clouded Yellow in October
The Horse's Mouth in October
Benny Goodman Story in October
Satyajit Ray Collections Vol. 1 & 2 in August
Vexille in September
Missing from Criterion in October
John Cassavetes double from Criterion in October
Jean-Pierre Melville double from Criterion in October
An Autumn Afternoon from Criterion in September
Still Life from the BFI in August
Love is the Devil from the BFI in August
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman in August
La León in August
Irina Palm in August
King of New York 2-disc Special Edition in September
Two Minute Warning in September
Police from Masters of Cinema in September
L'Enfance-nue from Masters of Cinema in September
Pure Race in September
Les Demoiselles de Rochefort in July
Trouble in Mind in August
Chemical Wedding in September
Salò or 120 Days of Sodom on blu-ray and DVD from the BFI in September
Eden Log in July
Bossa Brazil: Stories of Love – The Birth of Bossa Nova in July
I Could Never Be Your Woman in July
Judex and Nuits rouges from Masters of Cinema in August
The Terence Davis Trilogy and The Long Day Closes in July
The Puffy Chair in September
The Elephant Man SE and David Lynch Collection in August
John Carpenter on blu-ray in August
Redacted in July
The Orphanage on DVD and blu-ray in July
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane in July
Boulting Brothers Collection, part 2 in July
Vampyr from Masters of Cinema in August
Remembering Anne Frank in August
Diary of the Dead on 2-disc DVD and blu-ray in June
My Blueberry Nights on DVD and blu-ray in June
P2 in August
Tokyo Story in August
Syndromes and a Century in June
Bloodbath at the House of Death in July
Private Property in July
Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest in July
Rebellion: The Litvinenko Case in June in June
Garage in June
La Vie de Jesus from Masters of Cinema in July
Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom from Criterion in August
The Small Back Room from Criterion in August
Twenty-Four Eyes from Criterion in August
Brand Upon the Brain! from Criterion in August
Schizo in May
The Edge of Heaven in June
4 Month, 3 Weeks & 2 Days in May
I'm a Cyborg (But That's OK) in May
The Uninvited in July
Blood Rain in July
Mister Lonely in July
Funny Games US in July
Bill Douglas Trilogy in June
Criterion go blu-ray in October
A Walk With Love and Death in May
Cluny Brown in May
The Boss of it All in June
Vampyr 2-Disc Special Edition in July
High and Low 2-Disc Special Edition in July
Trafic 2-Disc Special Edition in July
Mon oncle Antoine 2-Disc Special Edition in July
Classic cinema from Metrodome in June
Alone With Her in June
Intimate Enemies 2-Disc Collector's Edition in June
Radio On in May
Chrysalis in June
Gypsy Caravan in April
Žižek! in April
A Bittersweet Life 2-Disc Collector's Edition in June
Fukasaku Collection Box Set in June
Princess Aurora in June
Spider Forest in June
Death Note Volume 1 in April
Land of Promise: The British Documentary Movement 1930–1950 in April
Assembly in May
The Frightened Woman in April
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters and Yûkoku from Criterion in June
Before the Rain from Criterion in June
Classe tous risques from Criterion in June
The Furies from Criterion in June
Akasen Chtai and Yokihi from Masters of Cinema in May
He Was a Quiet Man in May
François Ozon: Regardez la mer and other short films in March
Abbas Kiarostami's Five in March
Bandit Queen in April
Streamers in April
The Thief of Bagdad 2-disc Special Edition from Criterion in May
Two films by Louis Malle from Criterion in May
Two films from Otto Preminger in March
The Lost World of Tibet, Director's Cut in March
Out of the Blue in April
Les Vampires from Artificial Eye in March
La Notte from Masters of Cinema in March
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in March
Ugetsu monogatari / Oyu-sama in April
Nightwatch (Nattevagten) in March
Weirdsville in March
The List of Adrian Messenger in March
Ex Drummer in February
Black Lagoon in March
Reprise in February
Ghost Game in February
Kokoda: 39th Battalion in March
Tartan's May 2008 line-up
Tartan DVD releases for April
Tartan DVD releases for March
The Tripper in March
The Counterfeiters in March
Nature Morte from Redemption in February
Le Serpent from Metrodome in March
Anna M from Metrodome in February
Tartan Asian originals re-release for Spring 2008
Overlord on UK DVD in March
The Ice Storm from Criterion in March
Antonio Gaudí from Criterion in March
Mafioso from Criterion in March