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Deep Red on DVD and Blu-ray in December
One of giallo master Dario Argento's finest and most internationally acclaimed early films comes to a well featured Blu-ray and 2-disc DVD from Arrow in December.
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Battle Royale 3-disc Limited Edition on DVD and Blu-ray in December

17 December 2010

In a world where teenagers have no respect and adults are losing control there can be only one solution: Battle Royale. Now, see what happens when you let a high school class loose on an island, arm them and then give them a simple choice... Kill your friends or have them kill you; with poison, cross-bows, machetes and dynamite. 'Beat' Takeshi Kitano is a teacher pushed to the edge by his unruly charges. Kidnapped and gassed, his class wake up with exploding metal rings around their necks. If they rebel, they could lose their heads. Now they have three days and only one is permitted to survive this grisly battle to the death.

Battle Royale Limited Edition DVD and Blu-Ray will be released on 13th December 2010 by Arrow Video at the RRP of £24.99 for the 3-disc DVD and £29.99 for the 3-disc Blu-ray. Both format releases will feature brand new restored high definition transfers of both the Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut, brand new subtitle translations, limited edition packaging numbered #/5000 with certificate and a whole host of new and exclusive extra features.

Both releases will have the following content:

Disc 1 will feature the Theatrical Cut and the following extras:

  • Original theatrical trailer;
  • The making of Battle Royale: The Experience of 42 High School Students;
  • Conducting Battle Royale with the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Disc 2 will feature the Special Edition Director's Cut, plus the following extras:

  • Special edition trailer;
  • TV Spot: Tarantino version;
  • Shooting the Special Edition;
  • Takeshi Kitano interview;
  • The correct way to make Battle Royale (Birthday version);
  • Tokyo international film festival presentation.

Disc 3 will have the following extras:

  • Opening day at Maro No Uchi Toei movie theatre;
  • The slaughter of 42 high school students;
  • Premier press conference;
  • The correct way to fight in Battle Royale;
  • Royale rehearsals;
  • Masamichi Amano conducts Battle Royale;
  • Special effects comparison;
  • Behind the scenes featurette;
  • Filming on set;
  • TV spots;
  • Promos and commercials;
  • Kinji Fukasaku trailer reel.

Also included will be:

  • A 32 page comic;
  • A 36 page booklet that includes: A Battle Without An End by Tom Mes, Author of The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film; Printed interview with Director Kinji Fukasaku; Today's Lesson is...You Kill Each Other by Jay McRoy, author of Japanese Horror Cinema (LE Exclusive); extract from Koushan Takami's original novel (LE exclusive); original promotional material including director's statement; cast and crew biogs (LE exclusive);
  • 16 page booklet including concept artwork and drawing for the limited edition set (LE Exclusive);
  • 5" x7" Postcards of stills from the film (LE Exclusive);
  • Fold-out reversible poster of original artwork.