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Dead Hooker in a Trunk on DVD in May

24 February 2011

In picturesque Vancouver, four friends set out on an everyday errand and end up in a fight for their lives when they discover the body of a dead hooker left in their trunk. Lead by a sexy, impulsive Badass, her distant Geek twin sister, their bible thumping, Jesus loving Goody Two Shoes friend, and a chaotic, rock star Junkie pal, the group has to put aside their differences to dispose of the body before they're next.

Thrown into their own personal purgatory, they face off against persistent police, a sleazy motel manager, chainsaw wielding triads, and a brutal serial killer. All the while they are followed by a mysterious Cowboy Pimp who wants to claim the corpse for his own.

Will they uncover the truth behind the body and be able to stand up to their demons? Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life filled with gun fights, extreme violence, blood, guts, gore, and goats.

Said Twitch of the film: "Watching Dead Hooker in a Trunk is like having the best bare backing sex of your life while hopped up on junk with a fugly prostitute in a seedy motel room on the wrong side of town." Read into that what you will.

The debut feature film from writer, director and producer partnership Jen & Sylvia Soska and featuring music by the splendidly named Fake Shark-Real Zombie!, Dead Hooker in a Trunk will be released on UK DVD by Bounty Films on 23rd May 2011 at the RRP of £13.27. Extra features will include a mini-documentary, a commentary, and more to be later confirmed.

You can watch the trailer here: