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Neighbor on DVD in June

14 May 2011

PR companies do love their hybrid comparisons with previous movies (to be fair, so do budding Holywood scriptwriters). Which is why Robert A. Masciantonio's Neighbor (sic – American movie so American spelling) is being pushing Misery meets Audition, though advance word suggests it's not fit to kiss the feet of either. But who are we to pre-judge? The film, apparently, "gleefully pays homage to a whole slew of classic horror movies, their stars and directors in this terrifying tale of a seemingly typical girl-next-door with a psychotic taste for torture." Oh, and John Waters regular Mink Stole has a cameo.

America Olivo (Friday The 13th; Bitch Slap) stars as the unnamed protagonist who wanders suburbia, breaking into homes and staying for far longer than she should. To amuse herself while passing the time, she takes to torturing and murdering anyone unfortunate to be at home when she turns up. Her latest victim is Don Carpenter (Christian Campbell), a young bachelor and musician living alone in a rather large house on a street our girl happens to be eyeing. She's seen him before in a bar and she knows very well that he's seen her too. Before he's even aware of it, Don finds himself literally tied up in girl trouble of the very worst kind – the kind that involves power tools, amateur dentistry that is most definitely not safe, plenty of bloodletting, broken bones and some below-the-belt shenanigans that don't bear thinking about. Adding to her fun is the fact that Don has a huge house party coming up in a few days' time, which gives his tormentor plenty of time to stage her own celebrations and to allow any unannounced visitors who drop by to join in the festivities.

If you're up for it then know that Neighbor will be released on UK DVD by High Fliers Films on 27th June 2011 at the RRP of £12.99.

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