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Lake Mungo on DVD in July

13 June 2011

Having drawn comparisons to Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project, Lake Mungo is a horror film from Australia that has met with some critical and audience acclaim, and gets its UK premiere on DVD next month from Second Sight.

Filmed in what has become a familiar but still effective faux-documentary style, Lake Mungo was described as "frighteningly real" by TNT Magazine, and by Noel Murray in the Onion AV Club as the best movie that played at the 2010 After Dark Horror Festival. We're certainly intrigued.

Sixteen-year-old Alice Palmer tragically drowns while swimming in the local dam. After her body is recovered and a verdict of accidental death confirmed, she is laid to rest; or is she? The grieving family soon begin to experience strange and inexplicable events and become profoundly unsettled. They seek the help of psychic and parapsychologist Ray Kemeny who tries to help them find answers. The family discover Alice had been hiding dark secrets and the terrifying truth awaits at Lake Mungo.

Lake Mungo will be released on UK DVD by Second Sight on 25th July 2011 at the RRP of £15.99.

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