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Mondovino Marathon at The Real Wine Fair

9 March 2012

Mondovino: The Series, the extended version of the 2004 documentary film on the impact of globalisation on the world's different wine regions, will be broadcast for the first time in the UK at The Real Wine Fair, taking place in London from 20th-22nd May. The series has only ever been shown in its entirety once before, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2006. Director and Producer, Jonathan Nossiter, will be at the Fair to introduce the series and engage in discussion with attendees.

The 10 episodes will be projected in the cinema room at the Fair, giving wine lovers who have already seen the film the chance to experience the more in depth version of this theatrical documentary. The film was originally intended to be a short two-month affair. But the result was 500 hours of film, shot over four years, in seven countries on three continents, in five languages - all of which Nossiter, the son of a foreign correspondent, speaks fluently, thus giving plenty of content for the Series.

Mondovino: The Series explores the impact of globalisation on wine producing regions and the influence of critics in a defining international style. It pits the ambitions of large, multinational wine producers against the small, single estate wineries who have traditionally boasted wines with individual character driven by their terroir. The Series slows things down to a ramble through Europe and the States, beginning in Southern France, travelling through Tuscany and the New World. Each episode is organised around a single topic, such as the California based Mondavi family's attempt to make wine in the Languedoc.

The result is a fascinating social, historical and environmental portrait of the winemaking world from France to California and New York to Argentina. To purchase tickets for the Fair and this opportunity to enjoy Mondovino: The Series, please visit

If you're interested in attending, The Real Wine Fair is taking place from 20th-22nd May at B1, 6 Victoria House, Southampton Row, London WC1B 4DA and celebrates dedicated individuals who work organically or biodynamically in the vineyards and winery. 150 growers and winemakers will be at the event, presenting over 600 wines.

Tickets are on sale for £20 per ticket. On 20th May, the Fair will be open to all, followed by two trade days on 21st and 22nd May. Timings will be 10am-6pm on all three days.

In association with this event, up to 200 restaurants across the country will be selling real wine by the glass, throughout the month of May.