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Bruno Dumont's Hadewijch on DVD in May

18 April 2012

Céline, a theology student, takes the name of Hadewijch, a 13th century mystic from Brabant, as her name for her novitiate. But shocked by the blind, ecstatic faith of Hadewijch, the mother superior tells her she must leave the convent and find her vocation in the world.

Hadewijch once again becomes Céline, 20, the daughter of a French minister. She meets Yassine, a North African from the banlieues, who introduces her to his brother Nassir, a committed Muslim and religious instructor. Her passionate love of God and her despair at God's invisibility, her rage, and her desire for self-sacrifice lead her, between grace and madness, off along dangerous paths.

An impressive and uncompromising film, Hadewijch is the work of acclaimed and multi-award winning director Bruno Dumont, he of La Vie de Jesus and L'humanité and whose latest film, Hors Satan will be release in cinemas later this year. Hadewijch was described by The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw as the filmmaker's return to form, describing Dumont as having "an unique ability to create enigmatic, contemporary parables that get under your skin."

Hadewijch will be released on UK DVD on 14th May by New Wave Films at the RRP of £15.99.

Extra features are:

  • Bruno Dumont on Hadejwich (22 mins);
  • Trailer.

Speaking of which...