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Bonsái on DVD in June

29 May 2012

Bonsái is the story of Julio and Emilia. They are each other's first love and share a youthful, romantic obsession with literature. 8 years later when universitylife is but a part of his memory, Julio meets with Gazmuri, an established writer who needs someone to type up the manuscript of his latest novel. Despite failing to get the job he gives Bianca, his neighbour and lover, the impression that he is still transcribing Gazmuri's presumed novel, when in fact he is actually writing a novel of his own. In need of a plot, Julia turns to the romance he had 8 years earlier with Emilia when both were studying literature in Valdivia.

Chilean slacker romance Bonsái was written and directed by Cristián Jiménez (Optical Illusions) from Alejandro Zambra's novel and stars necomers Diego Noguera and Nathalia Galgani. The press release assures us that the film has been described as "Witty, sensual and sweetly melancholic" and "A true original", but not by whom. However, Eye for Film tells us that the film "has considerable humour and charm, particularly in its portrayal of the fumblings, posturings and overexuberance of student love," while Screenjabber intriguingly assures us that it can be accurately described as "literary pornography". Well I'm up for a dose of that.

Well we won't have to wait too long, as Bonsái will make its UK DVD debut on 11th June 2012 from Network Releasing at the RRP of £15.99.

As for the extras, well it doesn't look like there are any, so here's the trailer: