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Soka Afrika on Blu-ray and DVD in January

20 November 2012

Soka Afrika explores Africa's modern relationship with Europe as viewed through the prism of the world's most popular sport; football. This powerful documentary follows the lives of two young men, Kermit from South Africa and Ndomo from Cameroon, chasing their dreams of sporting stardom and a lucrative European footballing contract. The story that unfolds reveals the struggle that is prevalent in much of Africa and demonstrates how football is a vital lifeline to which many desperately cling.

Kermit Romeo Erasmus, 19, rose from humble beginnings, nurtured by the support of his loving family, trusted agent and no small dose of luck, to sign a professional contract at 18 with Feyenoord in the Dutch league. But for every Kermit, there are thousands like Ndomo, whose tragic and inspiring story gives viewers an astounding first person account of the illegal trafficking of talented African athletes and the exploitation of their unknowing vulnerable families.

Former Cameroon international footballer Jean Claude Mbvoumin has heard many such stories of corruption, and was inspired to found NGO Culture Foot Solidaire, which aims to raise awareness and actively effect change for young athletes exploited by opportunistic football agents. Through his relationship with Ndomo, we witness Jean Claude and his CFS team’s efforts to tackle this tragic trend that is still largely misunderstood or ignored.

Soka Afrika will be released on DVD and Blu-ray by Masnomis on 21st January 2013, as the Africa Cup of Nations kicks off in South Africa.

The RRP has not yet been specified, and no extra features have been listed.