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Bloody Homecoming on DVD in March

13 January 2014

Death stalks the halls in of Winston High and for its young students Homecoming will never be the same, in brand new teen slasher Bloody Homecoming which makes its UK DVD debut in March.

Three years ago Billy Corbin died trapped in a fiery storeroom. Now the ones who let him burn are attending their school homecoming party and it could be their last. It's payback time without pity for the young, the foolish and the beautiful. One by one they disappear, each meeting a gory, terrifying end. The corridors of Winston High are dark, slippery and wet with the blood of those who came before.

A very conscious throwback to the slasher films of the 80s (there's quite of few of these kicking around at the moment) Bloody Homecoming has attracted a share of genre fan criticism for its multiple borrowings (or tributes, perhaps...), but has still found favour in some corners of the horror press, being described by The Black Saint at as "a nice little tribute to the slasher films of my youth and a nice introduction to those of you who are interested in watching some of its elder statesmen and seeing where the inspiration for it came from."

Bloody Homecoming will be released on UK DVD on 10th March 2014 by Image Entertainment at the RRP of £12.99.

If there are any extra features, Igage have chosen to keep it to themselves, but they did provide us with a trailer link:


Image Entertainment is a new label from RLJ Entertainment that launches in the UK in January 2014, as the UK arm of the thriving Image Entertainment US label. They will be releasing new range of sci-fi action, thriller and horror genre films selected from the US schedule.