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The Man From Morocco and Q Planes on DVD in January and February

22 January 2014

Network Distributing have announced the upcoming release of two more films in their ongoing "The British Film" collection, which was launched by Network Distributing in April 2013 as part of a five-year plan to release over 450 vintage British films through a deal with Studio Canal, one of Europe’s leading distribution and production companies. Many of the films have never been available to own and will benefit from new transfers, affirming Network Distributing's commitment to classic British cinema.

The newly announced titles are the 1945 action adventure The Man From Morocco and the 1939 WWII drama Q Planes.

The Man From Morocco

With the ending of the Spanish Civil War, a dispirited band of volunteers from the International Brigades seeks refuge in France. But on reaching the frontier the band is disarmed, and all are detained as political prisoners. Then come instructions from Vichy that all fit prisoners are to be sent to Morocco to work on the Sahara railway for the Germans. However, one man manages to escape to London with vital information for the Allies...

Espionage, romance and action combine in this vintage World War II thriller, starring Anton Walbrook (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp) as the leader of a group of freedom fighters and Margaretta Scott (Things to Come) as the courageous French agent who plays a vital role in their struggle against the Vichy regime.

The Man From Morocco be released on UK DVD with a brand new transfer in slim line packaging on 27th January 2014 by Network Distributing as part of "The British Film" collection at the RRP £9.99.

Extra features will be:

  • Image gallery

  • Original promotional material PDF

Q Planes

The frequent disappearance of new bombing planes on their trial flights has left the authorities perplexed. While there is no clear evidence of foul play, the authorities call in Scotland Yard, and Major Hammond is assigned to investigate the mystery. He is one of only three men who refuse to believe that the disappearances are not the result of sabotage – much to the resentment of Mr Barratt, head of plane manufacturer Barratt and Ward.

A stellar British cast that includes Ralph Richardson Valerie Hobson and Laurence Olivier star Q Planes, a World War II drama about a test pilot engaged in secret experimental missions. From legendary producer Alexander Korda, the film was directed by Hollywood veteran Tim Whelan (The Thief of Bagdad, The Divorce of Lady X).

Q Planes be released on UK DVD with a brand new transfer in slim line packaging in its correct cinema aspect ratio on 10th February 2014 by Network Distributing as part of "The British Film" collection at the RRP £9.99.

The extra features will be:

  • US titles "Clouds over Europe"

  • Image gallery

  • Original promotional material PDF