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The Invoking on DVD in May

27 February 2014

Raised by foster parents, Sam claims to remember nothing of her childhood…but it remembers her. When she discovers she has inherited a property, she invites three friends to join her on a trip that will change their lives forever.

A young reclusive caretaker, a childhood friend of Sam’s is there to greet them, but something else is waiting for her in the house, something dark and deadly. The ghosts of a past she has long forgotten are coming back to haunt her with a pounding, slashing, raging terror.

Scoring worryingly badly with IMDb users, director and co-writer Jeremy Berg's The Invoking (original title Sader Ridge) has nonethless found favour within the horror movie press, being called "a great ride with some well-crafted suspense and two kick ass actors that carry the whole damn film" by, while said that "The skillful editing never lets the film drag, and Berg’s expertise behind the camera proves a mega-huge budget is not required to make a good looking movie – nearly every shot is superbly executed.

The Invoking will be released on UK DVD on 12th May 2014 by Image Entertainment at the RRP of £12.99.

Extra features will be:

  • Director/Producer commentary

  • Actor commentary

  • The Making of The Invoking