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Floating Skyscrapers on DVD and Blu-ray in March

27 February 2014

In his fifteenth year of training, aspiring champion swimmer Kuba lives a normal, uneventful life - at home with his mother and girlfriend. He happily switches back and forth from good sex with Sylwia to the occasional back rub his mother craves. But Kuba has also been growing more curious about some of the boys at the gym. At a gallery opening one night, he is out of place and totally bored until he meets Michal. Sylwia picks up on his fascination, but Kuba has her heart. She keeps her feelings to herself, as from one day to the next Kuba puts Michal in the middle of his life with her.

Kuba drops his training program and begins to dream of another life. His mother is incredulous and urges him to stay on track. Meanwhile, Michal takes on the task of convincing his concerned mother and distant father that his lifestyle is not just a passing fancy. Kuba comes to recognize he has never experienced feelings as deep as those he has for Michal. It takes all the courage he can muster to face those who love him and dive in. Then he must deal with the consequences.

Described by director Tomasz Wasilewski as the first LGBT Polish film, Floating Skyscrapers [Plynace wiezowce] is an intimate and bold film that captures the myriad of consequences of finding love in forbidden places. In today’s Catholic and predominately conservative Poland, Wasilewski’s characters struggle to assert their desires, and their right to express them, in a society that is increasingly hostile to homosexuality. As the anti-gay crackdown in Russia and Central Europe gathers pace, there is an urgent and topical theme to films such as Floating Skyscrapers.

Floating Skyscrapers will be released on UK DVD and Blu-ray on 24th March 2014 by Matchbox Films at the RRP of £15.99 for the DVD and £19.99 for the Blu-ray.

No details of extra features have been announced as yet.