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The Lost Patrol [aka Road 47] on DVD in September

5 August 2014

During the freezing Italian winter of 1944, a mine detecting squad from the Brazilian Expeditionary Force find themselves lost in the middle of no man’s land after a collective panic attack forces them to flee the front line. Realising they could face a court martial, they must attempt to make their way to a US forward observation post and re-enter the conflict.

Along the way they meet two army deserters: a would-be Italian partisan and an injured German officer tired of war. Together they form a strange band of deserters. When they have to cross the dreaded Road 47 – the most feared mine field in all of Italy – they must work together with these two former enemies and find safe passage across the deadly terrain and ultimately achieve redemption.

Originally titled A Estrada 47, which translates easily as Road 47, the retitled Brazilian wartime drama The Lost Patrol has not had many screenings outside of Portugal and Brazil, but The Hollywood Reporter carried a review that described it as "A muscular critique of war" and "a flawed but fascinating recreation of events that took place in the frozen north of Italy in 1944."

The Lost Patrol [A Extrada 47] will be released on UK DVD on 22nd September 2014 by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment at the RRP of £15.99.

The only extra feature listed is a trailer. A bit like this one...