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80s martial arts actioner Hero of Shaolin on DVD and VOD in November

29 September 2014

A troop of monks from the Shaolin Temple embark on a mission to get the Golden Sutra to Tibet after the Shaolin Abbot is killed by their traitorous teacher. They are joined on their quest by a beautiful female warrior, out to avenge her father's death. They traverse forests and mountains on their mission, all the while fighting off deadly ninja assassins, vicious gangsters and even the undead.

The 1984 Taiwanese kung-fu favourite Hero of Shaolin (aka Wu Seng, aka Guards of Shaolin, aka Ninja vs Shaolin Guard), directed by Cheung Kei and Dai Che and starring Taiwan Tae Kwon Do champion Alexander Lo Rei, returns to UK audiences in its old school English dubbed incarnation when it is released on UK DVD on 10th November 2014 by Terracotta Distribution at the RRP of £14.99. It will also be available on Video on Demand.

No extra features have been listed, and as yet we cannot confirm the aspect ratio, but apparently the English dub is the only audio option.

Here's a taster.