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The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale on Blu-ray and DVD in November

28 September 2017

Eureka Entertainment to release The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale, a singular, epic story of loss and redemption from director Park Hoon-jung, on DVD & Blu-ray in November.

Following a tragic accident involving the loss of his beloved wife, renowned hunter Man-duk (Choi Min-sik, Oldboy, Lucy) has retired his rifle and become a humble herb gatherer limping amongst his cherished mountains with his son. But with the arrival of Japanese soldiers determined to find a legendary great tiger, Man-duk finds himself pulled into one final hunt for his own personal redemption and closure.

Set during the Japanese occupation of Korea, a period when Korean tigers are being hunted to extinction, The Tiger is a breathtaking action adventure from one of Korea’s finest writer-directors, Park Hoon-jung (director of New World and writer of I Saw the Devil).

Last month, it was revealed that New World, also directed by Park Hoon-jung, will be screening at the London Korean Film Festival 2017 ahead of a home video release in early 2018. Further details here:

The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale pack shot

The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale will be released on UK Blu-ray and DVD on 6 November 2017 from Eureka Entertainment at the RRP of £12.99 apiece.

Special features:

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