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Multi-stranded manga adaptation Zokki on Third Window Blu-ray in April

15 March 2022

A wild and quirky Japanese omnibus of stories adapted from the manga by Hiroyuki Ohashi (On-gaku: Our Sound) comprise the live-action feature Zokki by directors Takayuki Yamada (lead actor from The Naked Director) Naoto Takenaka (actor from many Takashi Miike films), and Takumi Saitoh (director of Blank 13).

There's an old man who feels the need to impart his knowledge to a grown-up granddaughter; a quiet loner seeking self-discovery on his bike and the fisherman he encounters who invites him to a special meal; a school friendship that turns awkward because of an infatuation with an older sibling; a boy and his father who have very different ideas about how to enjoy themselves; and a friendship between two neighbours that revolves around a series of notes. Scripted by Yutaka Kuramochi, Zokki is less an anthology than a series of snapshots of a strange and quirky world.

Zokki Blu-ray cover art

Zokki will be released on UK Blu-ray on 25 April 2022 by Third Window Films at the RRP of £19.99


  • Interviews with all 3 directors
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Trailer

And here is that trailer: